Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 31
Knowing The Right Moves

"What are you watching?" Andy asked Palma who was sitting on the couch staring catatonically into the television screen.

"Titanic." she said. "It's one of my favorite American movies."

Andy furrowed his eyebrows. Titanic wasn't something he enjoyed watching. It was one of those movies he would watch once in a blue moon. He liked Titanic, but it was too depressing for him. He liked movies that were funny and entertaining.

 Andy had just arrived at Palma's house fifteen minutes ago. Her house was a green and white ranch-style home. It wasn't very big. Three bedrooms and one bathroom. The walls of the house were painted cream, the living room carpet was blue, and Dutch-style furniture decorated the home. Andy wondered how Palma felt about moving to the other side of the planet.

It must suck for her. He thought.

 "What's it like living in the Netherlands?" he asked her.

"It's amazing." she embellished. "I don't really miss the people there, though."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because I didn't have many friends there." she admitted sadly. "That's why I'm so glad I'm here. You and Maris are the main ones that have made me feel welcomed here. I'm glad I met you all."

 "Thank you." Andy said bashfully. "That's just what we do."

Palma laughed. "I'd always imagined America being beautiful."

Andy snickered. America wasn't nearly as beautiful as the European countries. America seemed boring and unrealistic. He's been to plenty of places that were far more amazing than America. Like Greece, Italy, France, England, and Ireland. France and England were the places he enjoyed going to the most. Whenever his mom wanted him and his sisters to visist their aunts and cousins, they would go down there by themselves. Their dad never went with them because he didn't like their mom's family.

Andy couldn't fathom the thought of Palma not having many friends. She was too pretty.

 "You wanna watch the movie with me?" she asked, patting the cushioned seat right next to her. "I won't bite."

No pun intended. Andy thought, grinning to himself.

"Sure." he said, settling himself onto the seat. "Where are your parents?"

"At work." she answered. "My dad works at the firm and my mom works at the bank."

 "Oh, so does my dad." he said. "He's an attorney."

"That's awesome!" exclaimed Palma. "My dad's a prosecutor."

That was something they had in common. Both their dads did legal things as their occupation. He was beginning to really like Palma.

"Are you fluent in Dutch?" he inquired.

"Of course." she said. "Do you want me to say a few things to you in Dutch?"

"Sure." Andy said, watching Leonardo DiCaprio climbing onto the railing of the ship and shouting "I'm King of the world!".

Andy chuckled to himself.

It's too dangerous for him to stand on that thing.

  Palma cleared her throat before saying, "U bent een goede vriend."

He stared at her awestruck. "What did you just say?"

She grinned. "I said, 'you're a good friend.'"

He laughed. "So are you."


"Let me guess." he said, beginning to run his fingers through her hair. "That was 'thank you'?"

"No," Palma said teasingly. "That was 'thank you so much.'"

  Andy was beginning to learn more about Palma's personality. She was the kind of girl that would keep you entertained. She could sit there and talk about toast all day and you would still hang on to every word she said. Carter was wrong, Andy did have a chance with Palma. She seemed to like him a lot. Andy couldn't wait to spend his hundred dollars on brand new soccer shoes. He placed his hand on her leg, keeping it there.

 "Can  I ask you something?" Palma asked him politely.

"Anything." he said softly.

"Do you have some sort of crush on me?" she asked him playfully.

Andy's face flushed. How could she have possibly known?

 "I mean, I think you're cute."

She chuckled thinly. "I sort of have a crush on you."

 Andy looked at her astoundingly. Was she really serious? Was it a game? It must have been. Carter probably put her up to it. Andy wouldn't put it past him. He has done some sneaky things from time to time. Like the time when it was April Fool's Day. Him, Holly, and Lucas had called his landline and pretended like they were soccer scouts recruiting him for the La Galaxy. Of course he was extremely gullible at the time.

 "That's awesome." he said dazedly.

He threw his arms around her, allowing her to snuggle in his arms.

"When's your first football game?" she asked conversationally.

"It's next Friday at four-o'clock." he said. "But we call it 'soccer' here."

She laughed. "Sorry. Culture shock."

"That's quite alright." he said. "The name 'football' for soccer makes more sense."

"Just like the name 'handball' for football makes more sense." she added, turning her focus to the television.

 Andy's fingers trailed up her leg, finding their way inside her skirt. He started to rub her thigh thinly.

She didn't seem to mind at all.

 "Are you excited for the party?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said. "I love places where there's lots of people there."

"Hey, me too!" he said eagerly. "Another thing that we have in common."

"Exactly." she said breezily.

She made a soft sound. Andy wasn't sure if it was because he was touching her leg or not. She was laying against him, her head on his shoulders as he rubbed her leg softly. He pulled her in closer, turning her head to face him. He felt his penis beginning to stiffen.

"I'm not going to lie," she admitted, "but I actyally kind of like what you're doing. Does this make me a slut?"

"Not at all."

She closed her eyes and smiled. "Good."

He moved a lock of buttery-blond hair away from her, leaning in to kiss the back of her ear.

He lifted up her head, pulling it close to his face. He then met his lips with her's. She felt stiff for a moment, but then got into it. She put his hands around his neck, causing them both to lie on the couch.


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