Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 30
A Day By The Pool

Elisha sighed blissfully as Danielle Klasky sprayed her with sunscreen. Elisha thought she looked adorable in her golden bikini. Her dark-blond hair was wrapped into a messy bun, a hairstyle she had always sported when swimming or playing volleyball. Finally she had peace and quiet. Delaney was too content with playing with her playmate to even bother Elisha, and her parents had yet to come home from work. She felt the warm air hit her delicate skin and heard the serene sound of the birds chirping. Danielle, Holly, and Reese were over at Elisha’s house relaxing by the kidney shaped pool.

 “Aww… thank you!” Holly gushed into her cellphone, reclining in her lawn chair. "You're so sweet!" She was wearing her purple polka-dotted bikini and her favorite rose colored sunglasses. Her brown hair was pulled into a ponytail.

“No, you’re hot and sexy!” she continued.

Elisha groaned. Ever since Holly and Peter had hung out on Wednesday, Holly's infatuation over him has been nonstop. That was all she had ever talked about since that day. Elisha liked Peter, but she had always thought Holly was too good for him. He wasn't even that cute. Just average. Elisha decided it was to each its own.

Danielle leaned over and turned on the baby-blue Bush radio that sat beside her lawn chair. A Green Day song blasted from it. Elisha leaned back and closed her eyes. She imagined herself by the beach watching the seagulls reside by the shore. It would be evening and no one would be there to badger her constantly.

Elisha was the kind of person who enjoyed bliss and comfort. But that was hard for her to experience since she was always left to watch Delaney and sometimes Ellen. Travis was a senior and still lived with them. He should have been the one to babysit.  But instead, it was Elisha since she was the "responsible" one. Her parents couldn't seem to trust any other child but her. She was their "angel". Elisha always wondered why she was always getting treated like Cinderella before the transformation if she was such an "angel". And then they would try to make it up by buying her loads of crap such as electronics and clothing. She didn't want that stuff. She just wanted peace.

"I'm thirsty." announced Danielle, who was playing with the straps of her patriotic bikini.

"So am I." Holly said. She was finally off of the phone.

Thank goodness.

"I agree." Elisha said, suddenly craving for a glass of cold, refreshing lemonade.

They all turned to look at Reese who was lounging in her chair clad in her camouflage bikini. A Gossip Girl book covered her face. She was half-asleep.

She suddenly sat up and pulled the book away from her. "What?"

"Can you get us some lemonade?" Danielle asked sweetly. "Pleeeaaasse?"

"Oh, for goodness sakes!" snapped Reese. "Seriously? Are you fucking serious? I'm gonna have to be the one that gets the drinks?"
She was not about to be their lackey. "Get it yourself if you're that thirsty."

"Fine." Danielle said. "I'll get it. Jeeze, you could be so lazy sometimes."

Reese grumbled. She didn't need to be criticized by some hypocritical girl. She remembered when she first met her friends. It was like hell for the first two weeks. She was tired of doing things for her friends. They could do those things themselves. Reese was always taught to do things herself instead of getting other people to do them for her.

"How are you and Mark?" Holly asked, rubbing more sunscreen lotion onto her legs. 

"Fine." said Elisha. "I'm planning on doing crazy stuff with him in a private room."

"What private room?" she asked.

"Demi gave me and Reese the key to all of the classrooms and lockers," explained Elisha, "and during class, I might find an isolated room for me and Mark to makeout in."

"Impossible." blurted Danielle.

"Is not." protested Elisha. "I'm careful."

Danielle always put a damper on things. No matter what the situation was, she would always find something negative to say.

"You're running for class president." Holly said.

"House." corrected Elisha.

"Whatever." Holly said. "It's the same thing. Besides, if you do get caught, how would that look to the teachers?"

Holly did have a point. Elisha's records showed that she was a goody-two-shoes. She never got into any trouble and she was a straight "A" student. But Elisha needed some time to do  stuff that was wild and crazy. Why couldn't anyone understand that?

Reese came back with four glasses of lemonade in a tray. She placed it onto the patio table and grabbed a glass.

"The peasant is back." she said bitterly, taking a sip from her lemonade.

"Reese, please." said Holly. "You're starting to sound like Maris."

"Blech!" she retched. "No way!"

"That's not nice." Danielle said.

"Who said anything about being nice?" asked Holly.

Maris was the one who wasn't being nice. Calling Holly a bitch, criticizing her in honesty boxes, and acting holier-than-thou. She had just ran into her after school and had a few words to express with her.

"What's up, baby?" Maris had asked, embracing Holly into an affectionate hug.

"Fine." Holly said aloofly. "Why are you being such a bitch?"

Maris drew back away from her, taken aback. "I'm not! You and everyone else is the one being the bitch!"

"No," Holly said evenly. "You try to act like you're better than everyone else when you're just as guilty as the rest of us. Where the hell do you get off telling Melissa she's too into materialistic things when you're the one buying Palma all that shit?"

"You're just," she spluttered. "You're just jealous of Palma!"

"Jealous!?" protested Holly. "I like Palma! It's just that you treat her like a fucking princess!"

"It's my job!"

"Fuck your job!"

"I'm just being nice." Maris said softly. "She's new here and I'm just trying to make her feel welcome."

"Oh, please!" scoffed Holly. "You don't give a damn about her. All you care about is looking good for the college admins."

"Fuck you, you phony bitch!" Maris screamed. And with that, she took off.

"Well, fine!" Holly yelled back. "And you can forget about that party tonight because you're uninvited!"

"Oh, I'm not uninvited," Maris said smoothly, "I'm not going."

"You were until I said you were uninvited!" Holly said, laughing at Maris's lame comeback.

A rush of guilt suddenly surged through Holly's conscious. She felt bad for the argument. Maybe she was a little hard on Maris, but Maris was hard on everyone else. It was for Maris's own good.

"I think we should ask her to come to the party." Reese said, "She's our friend after all."

Holly shrugged. "She'd probably wouldn't want to."

"I'll ask her." Elisha said, taking her iPhone off of the patio table.

She pressed speed dial for Maris. Three rings later, a voice picked up.

 "Hello?" Maris's voice picked up through the phone.

"Hi, Marebear." Elisha said chipperly. "Holly feels terrible about the argument and wants you to come to the party."

"No way." discredited Maris. "I'm not wanted there."

"Yes you are." Elisha tried. "Reese wants you there."

"Yeah," added Reese. "It's my house that we're having the party at."

There was a moment of silence on the other end. "Fine. I'll go. But I'm not talking to Holly."

"You don't have to." said Elisha. "I'm just glad you're going. Okay? Okay. Bye, love you."

She hung up. "That was easy."

 Holly contravened. "This shall be interesting. Maris doesn't even want to talk to me there."

"So what?" Elisha said simply. "Just be glad she's going at all."

But Holly wasn't glad. If Maris was going to be a bitch to her for no reason, what made her think she wouldn't be a bitch to her at the party?

 Suddenly, Danielle let out a loud cry and jumped into the pool, splashing water onto the three remaining girls.

"Dani!" complained Elisha. "Your hair!"

Danielle resurfaced lying on her back. She spit a stream of water out of her mouth, making it look like a small geyser. Her drenched brown bangs stuck to her forehead.

"So?" said Danielle, paddling in the pool water. "This is fun."

"I agree." Reese said, sticking her feet into the water. "Live a little, Elisha."

 Elisha liked to swim as much as the next guy, but she wasn't about to make her hair look like a tangled mess. Especially if there was a party later. Holly giggled exuberantly, running to the pool and diving into the water.

"Come on, Leesh!" she encouraged. "The water's fine!"

"No." Elisha said defiantly, folding her arms across her chest. "If you want to screw up your pretty hair, that's fine. But not me."

 Holly rolled her eyes. Elisha could be anal at times. But when it came to parties, Elisha was the liveliess of them all.

"Please?" begged Danielle, her brown eyes pleading. "For us...?"

Elisha sighed. "Fine, but as soon as we're done, we're fixing our hair."

"Yay!" cheered Danielle, doing a few laps across the pool. "You know you wanted to all along."

Elisha smiled coyly. Maybe she did want to swim, but she was afraid to risk the chances of her hair getting messed up by the chlorine.

Chlorine was always a bad idea for blond people.


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