Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 29
Finding Out His Name

"Mmm, yummy!" Savannah said, grabbing a plate with two tacos on it and putting it onto her tray. "Tacos are my second favorite food." she told Judy who was standing in line with her.

Judy smiled. "Then you should try this restaurant call Dona's.They have the best, authentic Mexican food there."

"I'll make note of that." Savannah said, pouring refried beans into a plastic bowl.

When they reached their table, Justin, Vinnie, and Missy were already seated. This time, a new girl was sitting at the table. She had reddish-blond hair and brown eyes.

"Oh, this is my best friend Lindsey Murdoch." introduced Judy, pointing to the girl.

"Hi," the girl said friendlily.

"Hi," Savannah said back.

She looked across from her table and saw "Elvis" making his way over to his table. A group of boys and girls were sitting at it. He sat down next to the girl who was in her Biology class. Savannah only knew the girl as "Miss Drake" because that's how Mrs. Cunningham had addressed her as. 

"Hey, I think I'm starting to like someone." Savannah said to no one in particular.

"Who?" asked Judy.

Savannah looked over at "Elvis's" table again. He sort of made a funny face that made him look more attractive. She was a little embarrassed to tell him who her new crush was. So she kept quiet.

"Never mind." she said, biting in her taco.

Algebra class went well. Her teacher was named Mrs. Romano. She was a slightly heavy woman with dark hair and a pointed nose. She had given them a warm-up sheet for them to work on. It was simple middle school stuff. Savannah could do that in five minutes. Even though math wasn't her strongest subject, she could at least do basic math.

"Hey, do you know how to do problem number five?" Ritchie Babbitt, the boy from her Biology class, asked her.

Savannah was a little shocked that he had asked her. She had assumed that he was bully or some sort of douchebag. But he actually seemed friendly. And what was more surprising was that he had thought she was smart. Why else would he ask her for help.

"Oh," she said. "I really don't understand this, but I think you have to subtract 10x on both sides."

"Oh, okay." he said smiling. "Now I get it. Thanks."

"You're welcome." she said.

She suddenly noticed that as she was walking to algebra, she had saw Ritchie chatting with "Elvis" and some other girl. "Elvis" had been walking with her with her arm around his neck. Savannah kind of hoped they weren't dating, She could have sworn she heard Ritchie say his name. Savannah couldn't make of it, though.

 What was was it? She thought. Carson? Carter? Carl? Carlton?

It was either of those names. She decided to ask Ritchie who he was.

"Hey, you know that guy you were talking to?" she asked him coyly.

"What guy?" he asked.

"The one who's really tall and has sideburns." she answered. "He was wearing a yellow shirt."

"Oh," he said, realizing who she was talking about. "That's Carter Atkins."

That was it. Savannah had a feeling it would be something like that. He even looked like a Carter.

"Do you like him or something?" Ritchie inquired.

 Savannah blushed. She didn't really want to admit it. It was embarressing for her to crush on a guy who she didn't even know from atom.

"A little." she finally said.

"I promise I won't tell." he said kindly.

"Thank you." she said relieved.

"He's really nice."  he familiarized. "I think you'd like him."

Savannah smiled elatedly. She finally knew who her potential crush's name was and she had just made another friend.


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