The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 8
The Beginning of The Worst Day of My Life

--Cara's POV--

I ruffle through the clothes in my closet. For some reason, I want to look really good today. I guess it's because I'm actually awake at this hour of the morning. I pull out a white sleeveless sundress that comes down to my knees and hold it up. Yeah, it'll work. I pull it on and shove my feet into my silver sandals. All I have left is make-up. I line my eyes with black eyeliner, brush on some mascara and light brown eyeshadow, and swipe on my favorite lipgloss. I look at myself in the mirror, making sure I'm not missing anything.

"CARA, let's go! We're gonna be late!" I hear Austin call up to me from the kitchen. I grab my phone and bag off my dresser and run into Bethany's room to wake her up. I shake her awake and run downstairs, almost tripping over my own two feet because sandals aren't really the best running shoes. I don't have time to grab breakfast, so I just go outside to where Austin is waiting by his car. I get in the car and we pick up Adriane and Roxy.

"Where's Brady?" I ask Roxy when she climbs into the car alone.

"He's sick. Stomach virus or something gross like that. I don't know," she says.

"Lucky! I want to miss school so I don't have to work on my Spanish project with Zachary," I say. "I still can't believe I got partnered with him!"

"I feel so bad for you. I would die if I had to work with him!" Ade chimes in.

The rest of the car ride goes by in comfortable silence, each of us in our own little worlds. We pull up to the school, and I open my door. I see Riley standing a little bit away, looking around. He sees me and starts to smile, but all of a sudden his expression changed to one of shock...and fear?

Why on earth would he be scared just by looking at me? Maybe anything else, but SCARED? Roxy yanks my arm tugging me away and into the school, leaving me just as confused about the reason behind the look on Riley's face as before.

I walk into Spanish, dreading having to work with Zack on that project. But he's not there so I sit at my desk, relieved.

"Hola clase. Today we will be working on our projects in class. Please go sit with your partner and begin immediately.

I pull out my notebook and start copying down the instructions on the board.

“What day is today?” someone calls out from the back of the room.

“Wednesday,” the kid next to him answers.

“No, I mean the date,” the first kid rephrases his question.

“Oh it’s April 23rd” Señora answers, looking up from the papers she’s grading.

“Thanks dude-- I mean, gracias señora.”

I roll my eyes and go back to copying what's written on the board.

I walk into my favorite class of the day: European History. No way is it my favorite class for the course itself; I like this class because it has like all my friends in it. I take my usual seat next to Roxy and behind Adriane. The bell rings and my teacher stands up.

"Okay guys settle down, settle down. We have a lot of work to do today," my teacher says. Slowly the class quiets down. "We're picking up where we left off yesterday: French Revolution. We're up to the Reign of Terror. Open up your textbooks to page 603 and start reading up to page 607. Then we'll review what you read and continue with the powerpoint. You can work in small groups to read the textbook."

The classroom is filled with the sounds of desks scraping the floor as we form groups. I turn around my desk so I can work with Roxy and Ade. Ade picks up the textbook and starts reading.

"A New Kind of War Emerges: The major issue of this time period was not the protection of national borders, but rather the defense of the new republic’s political and social order. The--" Ade suddenly stops, cocking her head to the side, listening. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" I say. The only thing I hear is the other kids talking and reading out loud.

"Listen. It sounds like screams." Adriane's horrified glance meets my own, and without saying a word, we all stand up. We must have stood up really suddenly because it gets quiet all of a sudden and every eye in the room is trained on us. I'm closest to the door so I peek my head out into the hallway. I don't see anything, but I can clearly hear the screams being as my class is still silent. I step out and look both ways down the hallway. It sounds like the screaming is coming from around the corner. As I'm standing there, I can hear the movements of my classmates running around; coming to the door to see what's going on or running to the second floor window preparing to jump out if necessary. 

All of a sudden, I hear it. The sound is unmistakable, even if I've never heard it in real life before. The sound of a gun being fired.

More screams echo down the hallway, people crying and yelling. I hear footsteps running down the hallway towards me. I'm frozen with shock, I can't move. Austin turns the corner, panting, and starts when he sees me standing there. 

"What the hell are you waiting for? Cara! Run!" He yells at me as he gets nearer. His clothes are splattered with blood, but I see no wound. That's when it really hits me. People are dying. This isn't a movie. This is real life. And I know that it's too late because I hear another person running down the hallway. I know this is the end.

I squeeze my eyes shut and hold my breath, hoping against all hopes that I'm not going to die. I hear the pull of the trigger and the sound when the bullet makes contact with flesh. My eyes fly open and I let out a strangled-sounding scream at the sight in front of me.

Because on the ground at my feet, with a bullet hole in his chest, is my brother.


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