Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 28

 Andy reclined on the bench with Palma sitting underneath him. Students passed by texting, talking, singing, laughing, screaming, running, jumping, kissing, combing hair, holding hands, and horse-playing around.
Melissa Johnston, Gigi Linderman, and Demi came by.
"Hey, you two." Gigi said, a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She had a curvaceous figure and a butt that dignified her attractiveness. She wore a blue blouse and slim-fitting jeans.

"What's up, Gigi?" he asked, slapping the palm of her hand with his. "Me and Palma are just chillaxin'."
 "Yeah, I'm so glad it's a Friday." Palma said, playing with the charms on her silver bracelet. Another present from Maris, of course. "Party, party! Let's get wasted!"
"Catch phrase of the century." Andy said, rubbing her shoulders. "Only you say 'party' three times."
"Oh, my bad." she giggled, tilting her head into his shoulders.
 "It's okay, baby girl." Demi said, wearing a black Bob Marley dress. She was a huge fan of him and smoked in honor of him.
"Can you believe Maris?" Melissa grumbled.
"What she do this time?" Andy asked.
Melissa was the most annoyed with Maris. She didn't seem to get along with Maris like the rest of them did. Andy remembered the day when Maris was helping him on his Algebra homework. She was supposed to talk about math, but all she did was talk about how annoying Holly was. Well, you know what? She was annoying. She was a snarky bitch and didn't even know she was. Andy wanted to throttle her.

"She said I was too into materialistic things." scoffed Melissa. "Like I don't get enough shit from her."

Andy shrugged. "She's the one who buys Palma all the nice things."

"It's true." Palma said. "And I don't even care about these things."

"Maris needs to just fly on a broom." Demi said.
 "Me and Palma are thinking about skipping Algebra." Andy said, changing the subject.

"What about that packet we have to turn it?" asked Palma, listening to Kane on her Ipod, a Dutch band.
"Shit!" asserted Andy.
Demi laughed. "Both of you are out of luck."
"Shut up, woman." he said. "I can just skip another class. I have study hall next period."
"K." she said. "But remember, if you get caught, it's on you two."
Demi, Melissa, and Gigi laughed.
"Okay, we gotta go now." announced Gigi. "We have ceramics."
"Bye, Andy." said Demi, leaning over to wrap her arms around his neck. "Bye, Palma."
"Love you guys." said Melissa, texting on her cell. "We'll see you tonight at Holly's party."
Technically since the party was at Reese's house, it was Reese's party.
  "You wanna hang out after school?" Andy asked Palma.
"Yeah, sure." she said brightly. "I have nothing else better to do."
"That almost meant something." he said, patting her head.
Maybe that was a way for Andy to be officially alone with her. Andy thought he could beat Carter at his own game. He knew he could at least kiss Palma. Maybe even do a little bit more. But he couldn't do it in front of all those people at school. He had to do it somewhere private.
 Just then, Carter and Holly walked over to them.
"Well, well," Holly said. "Look at the lovely couple."
Palma giggled. "We're not a couple."
Carter shot Andy a knowing look. "I didn't say anything."
"You shouldn't have." Andy said.
Carter could be annoying sometimes. He was too sure of himself and thought what everything he said was right.
 Andy knew that he was staring at the same guy who couldn't even spell "salad" in the sixth grade.
Carter grinned. "Are you excited about the party, Palma?"
"Definitely." she answered. "I've never even been to a party in my life."
"Well, it's gonna be tight." he said rapturously.
"So is Holly's vag." Andy commented.
"What?" Holly asked, confused.
She hadn't heard clearly what he just said.
"Nothing." he said, snickering.
Holly rolled her eyes. "Okay, so I heard Megan just might like Oliver."
"And this is news how?" asked Carter, waving at a group of girls who had just said hi to him. "I knew that. Megan told me so yesterday."
"I didn't." Andy said, a little acrimoniously.
He hated being the last to know about things.
 "Come on!" Holly said, grabbing Carter's arm. "We're gonna miss art class."
"Alright." Carter said, letting go of Holly and then picking her up off of the ground.
"Whoa!" she blurted. "A little high, aren't I?"
Carter laughed. "Duh."
 Andy and Palma watched Carter carry Holly downstairs.
"Looks like we got Algebra after all." he said warily.
"Don't worry, Andy." she said optimistically. "I love Ms. Rosenthal!"
"Cool." he said monotonously. "Can I carry you?"
"Knock yourself out." she said blithely.
Andy let her slide out from under him. He got out of his seat, lifted Palma by her legs, put her on his shoulder and carried her to class.


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