Beyond those Words
Author: Josie Larway

Chapter 3
My Worst Enemy Whiz's POV

The usual comments flew at me from every direction as I sauntered through the black ironed gates of Riley Era High. I was so used to it that the poisonous words just grazed me doing no harm. There was no one in the red brick building when I strolled in. It was like entering another world which contained only silence in its depths. I checked the list of "NEW GRADE EIGHTS". My name was stood out like it was in bold lettering beside the normal names of Jonathan Huewi and Calandra Hutcher. Whales Hudson, Room 472, Ms. Neverland. I loathed the name Whales ever since I was born.
"It means you're as free and soft hearted as a whale." My mom explained to me over and over again in her you-should-really-know-that voice. I still gave myself a pretty neat nickname Whiz.
All of a sudden, the world outside became eerily silent even the sound of a bee buzzing could be heard. No kidding. I thought of aliens attack in sci-fictions, but a distanced laughter that was defiantly not coming out of the twisted mouth of an alien waved the ridiculous thought away. I rushed outside and my heart lept in dread and shock. A strange kid wearing science goggles was rolling on the ground barely dodging a pair of enormous Nike sneaks. They were attached to hairy legs which looked like they were going to collapse under the weight of the fat jigging on top of them. The aqua blue hair stood out like a boat in the middle of the sea. Leslie Zellini. The baddest bully on Cape and my worst enemy. My blood boiled as I remembered the disgusting things that he'd made me do and eat. The time he pushed me into a pond and almost drowned me. The time he tied me to a railroad track and I'd almost perished. I escaped by curling into a ball when the train sped by missing me by millimeters. I was the main hitting target of this bully ever since the day I had made the mistake of making fun of the bully's name. I remembered it as if it was yesterday.
"YO! Blackie! I see ya mama finally patched your shirt. Bet ya too poor to buy one!"
"Oh, yeah? You're a girl! Your name is Leslie and it is a dumb girl's name. You are nothing but a stupid, sticky little girl!" I had so stupidly yelled back. Then, the fist came.
I saw the same fist raised above the new kid and before I knew it I screamed the unforgivable sentence.
The silted eyes widened as Leslie's slow mind digested this. His mouth fell open in an idiotic way as he recognized my accent. Goosebumps shivered down my spine, the fierce beady eyes were like a snake's, penetrating my skin. He grinned, kicking his previous victim aside he advanced.


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