Beyond those Words
Author: Josie Larway

Chapter 3
"That's the New Kid" Gideon's Point of View

"Hey! Dudes, you saw that kid over there? He is SO yesterday wearing those stupid goggles."
What a nice comment in a new town, I thought to myself bitterly. As usual, a million of eyes were plastered on my back as I made my way into the school grounds. Here everyone seemed to know each other really well and there was no trouble figuring out who is new. Girls with thick make-up giggled, pointing at my torn khakis. Hooting boys shouldered me out of their way grunting rude comments at me. I shrugged off all of it and stared around. The school was big and ancient. The place was nosier than the night market in Shanghai, China where I had lived for a month when I was 6. Raven had a lot of crazy ideas about where to move to and it always surprised me.
I didn't notice the foot that shot out in front of me. Before I knew it, I was falling. Gravity dragged me down, I lost all my momentum and my legs flew out from under me. Thud! I landed on the bone breaking gravel ground, my arm had a deep gash on it. Be brave, I told myself. Biting my lips to keep from screaming with pain, I twisted round to see my attacker.
Eyes that were so tint it seemed as if they were going to disappear into the dirty, chubby face stared fixedly back at me. I caught a whiff of unpleasant breath as the monster like person said mockingly, "Awesome fall, wimp". Squinting into the sun, I'd a full view of this bulky guy. He was gigantic, probably a head taller than me. He was wearing a faded blue shirt that said WHATEVER. His jeans hung loosely from his wide hips revealing sponge yellow underwear. A golden earring was pierced into his left ear. My eyes widen with shock as my gaze traveled over his hair. It was AQUA BLUE! The sight of this awful boy with his misplaced features reminded me of a clown in a freak show. Before I could stop and think, laughter bursted out of me. I laid on the ground, doubling with laughter and hiccup. I never felt so good.
The entire campus paused and eyes darted from me to the terrible bully. While I laughed a voice said in my head, you are in trouble Gideon and you are not getting away with it!
Suddenly, the bully swung his foot out aiming for my face. I rolled aside painfully and his big sneaks connected with an unlucky bystander behind me. The poor and innocent guy crumpled. However, Blue didn't even flinch. He had eyes only for his prey. I tried to scramble away but people pushed me back to the ground. You guys are making this worst! I thought helplessly. Blue raised his chubby fist and I shut my eyes. The blow never came, thank god, instead a voice cried, "Don't you dare to touch him!"


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