Beyond those Words
Author: Josie Larway

Chapter 2
Story of my Life Whiz's Point of View

Dunk! Wham! I slammed the basketball into the lopsided hoop. Again and again. Sweat poured down my front, I stopped and wiped it from my eyes. I nodded my head to the rhythm of the Beatles music issuing out from my earphones. Just enjoying the last day of the uneventful and bored to death summer, story of my life. School had always been hard for me. My grades are fine and I was in advanced algebra. I wasn't aggressive or competitive. Basically, I am just like anyone else. But I was still different, I was Black. Being an outcast and the bully's target was the story of my life.
I was born in Walgett, Australia. People were very friendly and I was the most popular guy in my elementary school. Girls adored my basketball skill, boys fought to be my friend. It was Heaven for me. All of this shattered into pieces when my dad decided to move us to the US when he was having serious problems at work. At the time my mom was pregnant with my twin brothers. It was totally ciao and I was only eight. At last, dad found an acceptable job as an accountant in Cape Cod, Maine. So we left, taking all we owned and flew across the globe. I'd lived in this Hell filled with people that hated me to my guts ever since. You have to pay the price for being "dark", story of my life.
"Hey Whiz!" a playful shout disturbed my thoughts. I spun around and saw my eight year old brothers, Steven and Jared, waving my favourite copy of The Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era in their dirty little hands. They cackled madly reminding me of insane scientists in horror movies.
"Give it here!" I growled. Cross my heart to kill those brats if they do anything to the book. I held out my hand. I hated when I'd to babysit the devils when the house wasn't under "parental guidance".
"Catch us if you can!" They chorused. Off they scampered like sneaky mice scurrying from the growling cat. Chasing the brats, story of my life. Some annoying neighbors gathered outside the white washed fence. They raised middle fingers and screamed swear words at me. I glared back, keeping my temper cool. Cranking up the music, I dashed into the house.


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