Beyond those Words
Author: Josie Larway

Chapter 2
Discovering Gideon's Point of View

Careful! Careful! I squinted my eyes, with extreme gentleness as I stuck the last wooden piece onto the almost finished model. The fragile piece just barely clung on. Oh, well... I pushed my protection goggles onto my sweaty forehead. Taking some steps back I stood mesmerized staring at my finished master piece of the model of the Lost City of Pompeii. The master piece that is surely going to snatch first place from last year's winner, Coby, in the Most Interesting Place of Archaeology Contest. Smiling, I took off my lab coat and regarded my secret lab in the basement of my house.
I had finally persuaded my pouting mother, Raven, to give me permission to create this awesome place. Ever since then this place had been my main comfort and my real home. The lab isn't just for science experiments but also for archaeology business. My dad, Sid Richerty, was a well known archaeologist in his time until he mysteriously disappeared shortly after his son's sixth birthday. Raven cried for weeks and vowed never to mention him again. For some reason, I took up my dad's strong interest for archaeology.
Raven had took up the habit of moving from place to place after Sid's death. I, Gideon Richerty, had always been "the new kid". The last place we lived in was Hastings, Nebraska USA. I went to a one room school in the middle of the deserted fields, where I spent my time with my head down the stinky toilet. I'd always been the bully target. It was no surprise to see the "Let's move Happily" truck parked in front of our cottage. I was glad to leave the bare desert behind and move to the sunny white beach of Cape Cod. Experiencing and discovering is the basic knowledge for all human beings, Sid used to say. I'd experienced what it was like to move once a month. I had discovered what it was like to lose my father. Soon, I am going to discover what it's like in the new high school in a new town.


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