Beyond those Words
Author: Josie Larway

Chapter 2
Back Again Dewey's Point of View

Notebook. Check. Pencils. Check. I crammed all my favourite books into my almost exploding bag. My hands trembled nervously, my head kept repeating the dreadful thought again and again. I am going to high school tomorrow. I am going to high school tomorrow. Get a grip, Dewey. You are the smartest girl in your elementary school and going to high school is just like another easy test, once you get the idea everything will naturally fall into place! I wiped sweat from my forehead. Glancing up I caught a glimpse of myself in the green rimmed mirror perched on my dresser. Short, fiery red hair that reminded me of Anne of the Green Gables. Popping, green eyes that I constantly told myself did not in the slightest look like a frog's. My body was like a windblown stick that was going to collapse any second. Compare to my curvy and beautiful cousin, Matilda, I looked like an immature three year old. No matter, the most important thing to me are books! I couldn't live a day without those old volumes beside my side.
The shrilled sound of a siren woke me from the sea of thoughts. Oh! No! It was already afternoon and only a few short hours until my future life in Riley Era High! I stumbled down the stairs, ignoring my mom's angry shouts issuing out of her closed study. Throwing open the door, I ran outside. Sun blinded me and the salty wind caressed my cheeks, twining in my messy hair. The familiar Cape Cod beach in the distance beckoned at me with the joyful shouts and screeching laughter. I grinned and shut my eyes, feeling like a magical character from a fairy tale. So free! It is time to enjoy yourself now, don't worry about high school the future will decide for itself. I sprinted into the garage, waving to a scurrying squirrel on the nearby cherry blossom tree. Unlocking and jumping onto my rusty bike, I pedalled toward the blistering beach. Faster and faster until I flew.


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