Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 25
The Key

 It was Thursday morning and Reese and Elisha stood in the Freshman cafeteria watching the students walk by. Elisha's night was hectic. Her eldest sister Laurie and her husband decided to drop by with their newborn baby, Gage. He was cute as a button, but Elisha got tired of hearing his screams while she was trying to sleep. The Carpenter's house was a jungle. It was one thing to have Delaney acting up, but to have an infant in the house was a whole other story. Elisha thought Reese was lucky. She lived in a civilized household with only one sibling. Reese had everything in the world.
 She noticed Stephanie Dice and Evan Cross flouncing across the cafeteria.
"Hi, Evan." Elisha said, making sure everyone would know that she was addressing Evan only. She didn't like Stephanie. She thought Stephanie was cheap.
Stephanie had crinkly blond hair, green eyes, and a butt that was too big for her tiny body. She had on a blue dress that went just below her thighs. Elisha thought it was trashy. It was obvious Stephanie wanted attention.
"Hey, girl." Evan said. "You look gorgeous as always."
Elisha looked down at her blue Hollister t-shirt and white capri pants. Her hair was pulled back into a low-ponytail, making her look casual.
"Well, thank you, Evan!" she chirped. "And may I say you look gorgeous yourself?"

 "Aww... thanks!" Evan cooed. "Well, we gotta go. I'll see you later."

"You too." Elisha said.

"Can't wait for your party!" Stephanie called cordially.
  "Look at her." scoffed Reese. "She's a bitch."
"Who, Evan?" asked Elisha.
"No, Stephanie." she said. "Who does she think she is calling me a slut when she's dressed like that."
  Reese had her own problems with Stephanie when she had called Reese a slut during Mike Magrealey's party during the summer. Reese knew that Stephanie had experienced her first oral sex when she was twelve.
"Who cares." said Elisha, waving hi to Maris. "She's nothing."
"Maybe so." said Reese. "But she really gets to me."
Reese was usually a kept-to-herself kind of person, but when people like Stephanie made comments about her, she couldn't control her feelings. She remembered vividly in the fifth grade when a girl had stole her crayons when she was trying to draw a picture for her mom. The girl just laughed at Reese and broke every single crayola she had. Reese just broke down crying in front of everyone.
 "Reese!" Demi Pohoryles boomed in her naturally loud voice. "Elisha! Wait up!"
They both stopped.
"Guess what I have." she singed, dangling a key from her pale fingers, grinning broadly.
"A key." stated Elisha. "I win! I win!"
"It's not just any key." teased Demi. "It's the key to all of the classrooms and lockers."
"No way!" she exclaimed. "Where did you get it?"
"Oh, let's not worry about that for now." Demi said mysteriously. "Just know that you're now able to get into any of the classrooms and lockers."
Elisha stared at her with her mouth agape. Demi was known for doing things that people wouldn't normally do. She was like a ninja. Able to get around things and find stuff that she wasn't supposed to have. Elisha thought it was awesome to have that key. She could do all sorts of things with that key. Like getting into her friends' lockers and putting things in them.
 "Is this really for us?" asked Reese, eying Demi suspiciously. "Does this really open all of the classroom and locker doors?"
"Of course!" she trilled. "You know me, don't you?"
Reese laughed. "I do, but this seems so unreal."
Elisha took the key from Demi's hand and examined it. The cold silver metal hit Elisha's palm making a dinging sound.
"This is awesome." she said. "Me and Mark could find a private room for us to make out and do stuff in."
"I like to see you two not get caught." said Reese, brushing her hair with her hands.
"Good." said Elisha. "Cause we won't."
Demi chuckled. "Do you love me or what?"
"We love you, Dems!" Elisha and Reese said in unison, giving her a kiss on the cheek.
Elisha and Reese left their English classes when everyone else was in class. They had asked to go to the bathroom, but was really going out to try the key with a couple of the classrooms. Elisha found one room that was deserted. It was room 1. The rumors were that no one had used that room for years.
 Elisha stuck the key into the keyhole and turned it. And like that, the door had clicked open.
They peeked inside. The room was dark and gloomy. It was designed like any other classroom. Desks were put in place, there was a chalkboard that face them, a podium that stood in front of it, but that was it. No posters or anything to give the room character.
"Okay," Reese said. "This is cool and all, but what is the purpose of this."
"I don't know, Reese." Elisha said admittedly. "But I know we have every access to all of the classrooms."
 "If you're running for House, don't you think you would look bad if the teacher's find out about this?"
"They won't." Elisha said matter-of-factly. "Because they're not gonna find out."
Reese shook her head. "I don't know about this."
"Trust me, Reese." assured Elisha. "We have everything under control."
Usually when Elisha said that, it was true. So Reese wasn't too worried. She just hoped none of the teachers would catch them doing something so stupid and mischievous.
When they left the room, Elisha locked the door again, and stuck the key into her pocket.
She was going to have a lot fun with this.


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