The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 16
Chapter Sixteen

Sparrowpaw looked at the full moon over head.  She had been picked to go to tonights gathering with  MaroonStar.  She bent down to pay her final tributes to Fawnwing before the elders carried her body out of the NightClan clearing.  The rain that had put out the HollowClan fire had stopped maybe five minutes ago and Sparrowpaws pelt was soaked. 


She pressed against her grief stricken friend Wolfpaw.  She would be following the elders when they buried her mentor Fawnwing.  MaroonStar had earlier announced to her Clan that Tigerfang would continue Wolfpaws training because he had lost his own apprentice Blackpaw.  In her own mind Sparrowpaw hoped that Blackpaw was still alive because his body was never found.


Yes, Blackpaw was a clutz and a total joke of an apprentice in HollowClan.  He was just not ment to hunt in Hollowclans territory.  Sparrowpaw sat back down in the grass.  NightClan had given HollowClan a little clearing in their territory to stay in as long as they had to.  It was small and the make shift dens were uncomterable but they were good enough. 


Sparrowpaw stood up and sat near Honeytalon and Brackenpaw the medicine cat apprentice.  Swiftbreeze had hunted NightClan territory for the few herbs she could find.  It seemed that NightCLan didn't use this part of the territory often so Sparrowpaw didn't feel bad hunting.  She picked up the plump mouse she had caught earlier and walked over to share it with Juniperpaw. 


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