Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 20
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  Reese scanned through the books on the bookshelf, trying to find a good book to read. She came across a book called Twilight. Curious, she took the book off of the shelf, and opened it to read a few pages from it. No sooner than she did, she immediately put the book back on its shelf. She couldn't believe how poor the author's writing skills were.
  "Hey, Reese," Jamie said, coming towards her with Monica trailing behind. "Look at this."
She handed her the book The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. Reese looked at the back cover for a minute. "Cool. Now this seems like a book I'd like"
They walked up to the checkout desk manned by a gawky teenage boy in glasses.
"Hi," Reese said nicely. "I would like to check this book out."
The boy looked at Reese, awestruck, and then said, "Sure. Do you have your ID?"
"Right here." she said, digging into her Coach purse and taking out her school ID.
The boy took her ID card and scanned it under the scanner. After he was done, he handed her the book and told her when the book was due.
"Thank you." she said, flashing him a million-dollar smile.
"You're welcome." he faltered.
 "I think he was feenin' you." Monica joked, giggling as they walked down the corridor.
"You think?" Reese said, moving her body flirtatiously. "Because I'm feenin him, too."
"He thinks you're going to give it up." said Jamie.
"Even if I was, it wouldn't be to him." Reese said.
All three of the girls laughed hysterically.
"What's up, babies." Holly said, walking towards them. "Why aren't you in class?"
"I was about to ask you the same thing." Reese said, placing her hands on her hips.
"I didn't feel like sitting in that study hall class and do nothing." she said, finger-combing her dark-brown hair.
  Holly hated sitting through things that didn't have anything productive for her to do. She always needed something to do to keep her occupied.
"I finally got a text from Peter." she said, showing them the message he had sent her.
Holly. I'm sorry I hadn't been able to get to you lately. I've been way too busy with Lacrosse. Come over my house today. :)
  "Aww..." Jamie cooed. "See? He does give a rat's ass about you."
"Yeah, whatever." she mumbled. "Andy has been busy with soccer, so has Courtney, so has Maris, so has Mark and plus, Damien and Carter have been both busy with football, but they still had time to see me."
The three girls rolled their eyes at her. Holly was sometimes cynical.
"All I'm saying is that he hasn't seen or talked to me in days, and now all of a sudden I get a text from him." she continued. "I'm going to visit him today, but I'm going to give him a good talking to."
 Holly was always the voice of reason for everything. They all knew what Holly had to say to Peter was going to wake him up. Reese sometimes wished Holly wasn't so harsh on people. After all, they were only human.
Holly deleted the text message and began texting Carter.
Carter, get out here.
A moment later, Carter texted her back.
I can't.
 Holly sighed.
  Why not?
Cuz I can't just up and leave Biology.
You fag.
Come over, later.
Maybe. I have other things to do.
Like what?
Um... like football and Megan at Starbucks.
Then come over when you're done doing those things. Prob solved.
I'll see what I can do. Love you.
Yeah, love you too... bitch.
 Holly giggled to herself. Carter was funny whenever he joked around with her. Everyone liked Carter. Even her parents. He felt like family to her.
"Do you have Ms. Cunningham for Bio?" she asked no one in particular.
"No." Reese answered. "But I heard she was really mean. You're lucky she hasn't showed up to school yet."
 Yesterday during third period, she had biology with a sub named Mrs. Weaver. She was nice and actually knew how to connect with students. Unfortunately she wasn't the permanent teacher. Holly hoped Cunningham wasn't as bad as people have said she was.
"Yeah, I heard she has made students cry before."
That was Holly's answer.
"Well, I'm not going to worry." Holly said. "Teachers love me and I know how to warm a teacher up."
"Let's hope so." said Monica.
  Reese took out her cellphone. "I gotta text Damien. Me and him are supposed to go to The Cherokee Center after school."
"Are you two going out?" asked Holly.
"No, but I'm going with him to Homecoming."
"Oh, yeah," Jamie said. "I don't have a date to Homecoming. That sucks for me."
"Don't worry, Jamie." Monica said soothingly. "Plenty of guys would be vying for your affections at the dance."
Monica was such a sweetheart. She knew just the thing to say in order to make someone feel better. Holly and Reese didn't understand why Monica was dating Kaleb. He was a jerk. They understood why Jamie would date someone like him because she seemed to have been prone to bad guys.
 And speaking of the devil, Kaleb was strutting towards her.
"What's up, babe." he said, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her.
"PDA?" Reese said rudely.
"Reese!" Monica hissed.
"Sorry." she said, feeling bad about insulting Monica's boyfriend. "I guess I'm just pissed that I don't have a boyfriend."
"Maybe they don't like sloppy seconds." Kaleb said, muttering under his breath.
Monica, Jamie, and Holly didn't seem to hear him, but she did. Reese's face turned a beet-red, and she looked down at the floor. She hated Kaleb so much. He had no social skills and he thought he was Jesus just because he had been making straight A's since kindergarten.
"Let's go, guys." she said to Holly and Jamie. "We'll catch up with you later, Monica."
"Okay!" Monica said, waving at all three of them.
Relieved to be away from Kaleb, Reese went to a corner. "I am so tired of him. Why'd you invite him, anyway?"
"I told you," Holly informed. "I didn't want to hurt Monica's feelings."
"Yeah," added Jame. "She'll dump him faster than you can say 'Kaleb is an asshole'."
They all laughed.


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