the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 56

i sit and hear you speak
the wisest things you say
but when i read your writing
it just dampens my day

a lovely style you have
the greatest for a writer
but somehow being different
doesn't make you brighter

at first i thought you didn't mind
being someone not of this world
but then i suddenly felt
you're just an average girl

you want to fit in like everyone
you want to be the same
don't try and deny your instincts
you're living for your name

we all say we'll be different
stand out among the people
even if the world condemns
our weirdest ways unfurl

the way you speak is different
your mentality seems so real
but when i read your writing
disappointment's all i feel

somehow you write so different
in an effort to be the same
afterall we're all human
who doesn't want fortune or fame

as much as i want to be different
to stand out unafraid
but many times i fear
rejection the way i was made

yet all of you who don't conform
give me a great encouragement
only to show through
as a mere effortless fragment

i held so very much hope
now i don't dare to anymore
because all i face is disappointment
just as bad as before

i know the only one
who would never let me down
is God Himself and Jesus
who will one day give me the crown

the crown of glory like no other
the things i do to be seen
but the things done in secret
are the things that do mean

my rewards up there i hope
and i should search for His face
not for human standards
but for God's saving grace

i cannot get anywhere
by pretending to be some girl
whom i never was
the ways of this wicked world


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