The Cat Story- (Wormkits Siblings and his View)
Author: Silverstone

Chapter 15
Chapter 15


Finchpaw woke up to a glorious sunrise in the apprentices den.  She was laying next to Goldenpaw and Fallingpaw.  Swoopingpaw, Fallingpaws brother was laying on the other side of Goldenpaw. 


Finchpaw jabbed Fallingpaw in the side trying to wake her up.  "What what"  the dark grey she-cat meowed quickly.  "Oh hi Finchpaw"  she said happily getting to her feet and waking Hazelpaw and Sweetpaw who were sitting beside her.  " Sorry, its just soo tight in here"  Fallingpaw said squeazing out of the den.  Finchpaw knew her denmate was right.


There was Finchpaw, Swoopingpaw, Fallingpaw, Danicngpaw, Goldenpaw, Hazelpaw, Sweetpaw, Staringpaw, and Goldenpaw's brother Falconpaw.   Nine cats in a very small bush.


The sky was dark today and Briarmoon was walking into the camp looking tired and depressed.  She limped into the middle of the camp and sat down.   " HollowClans... territory is on... fire"  she yowled. 


Finchpaw leaped to her feet and ran up to the entrance to the camp.  Goldenpaw ran after her.  "What are you doing" she called.  "They were my old clan, I have to make sure their ok"  Finchpaw meowed back quickly to her friend.  Goldenpaw shook her head and sighed and ran after her. 


Finchpaws paws pounded against the earth under her feet.  What about Snowfeather, Mousefire, and Sparrowpaw!   


Finchpaws breath came in rapid gulps and she smelled the air getting smokier and smokier.  Clouds of thick black smoke rose from way in HollowClans territory.  "Sparrowpaw"  Finchpaw couldn't help herself from screaming. 


"Sparrowpaw!" Finchpaw heard Goldenpaws voice calling behind her. 


Finchkit sat at the side of the gorge by the twoleg bridge.  It was wooden, THE FIRE COULD SPREAD ACROSS IT!  It was held up by four ropes.  "Hmmmmm"  Finchpaw said thinking quickly.  She jumped up onto the side of the twoleg bridge and started chewing on the ropes. 


"What are you doing"  Goldenpaw cried coughing from the smoke. 


"Don't ask, just chew"  Finchpaw said making it about half way through her rope. 


"Ok"  Goldenpaw said running across to the Hollowclan side of the bridge and chewed like crazy. 


Well never finish in time, please help us StarClan  Finchpaw pleaded.  Footsteps sounded behind her and Briskshoulder hoped up beside Finchpaw.  "How could I help"  he asked quickly winking at Finchpaw.  "Chew"  Finchpaw yowled smiling at the handsome tom.


Briskshoulder sat beside her and started chewing on the same rope.




The rope snapped at the same time as the one Goldenpaw and her reinforsement Swoopingpaw were working on.  Toadfall and Greyspirit were half way through their rope and Finchpaw jumped over and started chomping on the fourth rope.  




The third rope broke, but the fire was almost on the bridge.  The smoke was choking Finchpaw.  She kept going, one strand left.




The bride collapsed and fell into the water with Finchpaw and some of the others on it. 


Finchpaw felt trapped beneath the swirling waves and kicked out firmly with her back paws. The surface seemed only inches away, but it felt like miles.  Finnaly she broke the surface and gasped for air.  It was hardly better above the surface with the black smoke.


The whole air around the river was black and smokey and as dark as night.  Finchpaw coughed and tried to find the bank.  Her paw brushed up against something wet, limp, and furry.  She strained her eyes to see who it was. 




Finchpaw grabbed the apprentices floating body and dragged him out with her.  The bank was slippery and steep.  "Help"  Finchpaw sqweaked hopelessly trying to pull herself up the bank with Blackpaw practiclly blind. 


A head reached down and grabbed Finchpaws scruff.  Another grabbed Blackpaws. 


Finchpaw looked up and saw Briskshoulder pulling her up the bank.  "Thanks"  Finchpaw mouthed before going into a fit of coughing.  Briskshoulder pulled Finchpaw out of the bank and whispered horsley "Run, I'll be right... behind you"  he broke out in a fit of coughing. 


"I'll carry the apprentice"  Greyspirit called running and dragging Blackpaw.  Goldenpaw and Swoopingpaw had already dissapeared.  Toadfall left with Greymist. 


Finchpaw started running and had gone a ways before she realized that Briskshoulder wasn't behind her. 


She gasped and turned around back into the smokey air and closer to the fire.  She looked forward straining her eyes to look for the tabby warrior.  A limp body was laying sprawled out on the ground.


Finchpaw grabbed his scruff and started dragging him away.  "Its going to be alright"  she whispered through Briskshoulders fur.  In her mind she was preying to StarClan it was true.  Because deep down in Finchpaws heart she knew that she loved Briskshoulder as much as she loved her siblings...


And she knew that he felt that way for her too.


Finchpaw pulled on Briskshoulders scruff, and finnaly the air started to clear.  Soft grass under foot told her she was on the border of  EagleClan and NightClan. 


She breathed in a gasp of clean air and kept on pulling on Briskshoulder.


I saved NightClan, EagleClan, and RushClan she thought to herself.  She smiled and felt the grass beneath her feet grow wet.  The air had compleatly cleaned.  She saw the borde itno RushClan ahead. 


She smiled and crossed the border before putting Briskshoulder down.   She tapped his side and tried to wake him up.  "Were safe now Briskshoulder... its time to wake up"  she said. 


No responce.


"Come on, were safe now"  Finchpaw wailed digging her fur into Briskshoulder.


He's dead,  HE can't be dead... Nooooo  Finchpaw's heart screamed.


Briskshoulder let out a weak cough and opened his eyes.  "Finchpaw"  he whispered weakly. 


"Yes"  Finchpaw said quickly laying down next to him.  "Don't leave me"  she told him.


Briskshoulder let out a wheezy cough and sighed weakly.  " I'll try not to"  he said staring up into Finchpaws eyes. "I love you"  he said quietly and weakly coughing. 


He then went into a coughing fit. They kept growing weaker. 


"I'll get some water"  Finchpaw said running to get some moss and soaking it into the little stream not to far away.  She brought it back top Briskshoulder and dribblied it in his mouth.  He sighed his thanks. 


"Please stay with me"  he whispered hardly loud enough to hear before going into another fit of coughing.


"I will"  Finchpaw said laying back down next to him and dozing off into a light sleep.


Finchpaw opened her eyes in a bright clearing.  She was no longer on the border of RushClan's territory. 


"Were am I"  she whispered to herself. 


The stars were high above her and she was standing in a lightly breezy meadow. 


The stars over head then started shooting down to earth!


"AHHHHH!"  Finchpaw said trying to run away.  But slowly the stars changed forms into cats.  A pure black she-cat with beautiful green eyes walked over to Finchpaw. 


"Hello" she said.  "I am RavenStar of DarkClan". 


"DarkClan?"  Finchpaw said questionly. 


"Yes, DarkClan"  she said.  "And we need your help".  "Our forest is in deep drought and we are looking for a new home". "Your clans have pleanty of extra territory we could use.  Across EagleClans moor is a forest we could use greatly". 


"But my daughter, and DarkClans new leader has never heard of your clans".  "I ask you to send her a message from me, for only a cat from these clans can send her this message" RavenStar said.


Finchpaw was confused but she nodded.


"Come with me then" Ravenstar said happily guiding Finchpaw through the moor. 


She saw a calico she-cat laying on the ground in a small rock.  Two kits were laying next to her.  A calico kit and a black and white one.  The calico she-cat stirred and opened her beautiful green eyes.  "Hello?"  she asked.


For some reason Finchpaw knew what she had to say.  "Hello Shadowstar, I am Finchpaw from RushClan".  "We have room for you to move your clan along with our four".


Finchpaw then heard herself saying directions to RushClan fluently even though she had never rehearsed them. 


"Thank you so much"  Shadowstar whispered.  "Now I feel Dreamkit and Pebblekit may live another moon" she said pointing to her kits in turn.  "I knew that I was right". 


Shadowstar fell back asleep next to her two kits.  Then Ravenstar showed up and smiled.


"I knew you could do it"  she said.


Then Finchpaw woke up.


Finchpaw woke up and saw Briskshoulder laying next to her.  She sniffed his pelt and found her was still alive. 


She poked his side to wake him up.  "Briskshoulder, wake up".


Briskshoulder blinked and opened his blue eyes.  "Finchpaw"  he whispered sounded better after his sleep. 


"Did you think I would leave you"  she smiled at him.  "I love you"  she smiled.


"Me too"  Briskshoulder said struggling to his feet. 


"Do you think you can make it to camp"  Finchpaw asked Briskshoulder.  He nodded and stepped a few steps and leaned on Finchpaws shoulder.  " But I'll need you help"  he told her smiling.


Finchpaw smiled and helped Briskshoulder through the forest. 


"Are we considered mates now"  Finchpaw said.


"If your considering having kits" Briskshoulder said smiling.


"Of course I want to have kits" Finchpaw said stopping. "But only when I'm a warrior".


"Thats what I ment"  Briskshoulde said embarressed and kept on walking.  Finchpaw ran and followed him. 





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