the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 55
the magic of sorrow

i miss that inspiration
that just flies off my hand
an impulse in a moment
nothing more to understand

i miss the magical touch
each word could mesmerize
and it wasn't difficult
to find words that sounded wise

i miss the quick acceptance
the world would surely say
whenever they read a poem
written through my way

i miss the fun side of it
but joy was barely there
i never write about the happiness
only of sure despair

yet even if sorrow could propel
and give me a thousand words
i'd rather just be smiling
forgetting all those hurts

isn't it sad if sadness were
the only way i could write
where i draw inspiration
from fear and outright fright

i'd love a happy poem
where the girl was always smiling
with hopes of the next day
joyous was her singing

yet all that joy could bring
it'd never help me write
it loses sincerity
with no more left to fight

as sorrow brings us sadness
it brings a different will
the strongest will of fleeing
your heart cannot be still

you tremble within yourself
with many things to say
and all these words flow out
a beautiful array

how great it is to be happy
it's what i always dreamed
but if i am not solemn
too perfect i'd be deemed

i need that sorrow to write
the melancholic music
like voices to my ears
they give me words that sound like magic

when things get really bad
and everything seems down
find a piece of paper
and sit upon the ground

look around and find no hope
dim your every light
and when the world is sleeping
go ahead and write

the words will flow forever
as you fight against yourself
deceived and rejected
stolen wealth or health

anything can make you sad
but it's truly the best time
to sit down with a pen
and start your little rhyme

when your heart is almost shattered
when your dreams are just as broken
it's great to just sit down
don't let those words be stolen

yes it might get draggy
no one would be willing to read
but still your greatest poem
is when you're really sad indeed


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