Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 19
The Bet

Holly's foot shifted towards Carter's leg. They were sitting in Ms. Smith's Algebra class, listening to her lecture about the expectations she had for the class. She was a young woman. No older than twenty-five. Her hair was long and black, the color of her eyes were emerald green, and her skin was a light-bronze color. Her appearance made her look like she was a fun and vibrant woman, but everyone soon found out that that wasn't the case.

 Carter smiled at Holly, and then went back to texting Lucas.

"So far, fifty-eight people are coming to the party." Holly whispered triumphantly.

He put the phone in his pocket. "I know. Even the ones that don't go to this school are going."

 Parties were usually a monthly event they and their friends had when they were in middle school. But now that they were in high school, they were able to party every Friday and Saturday.  The whole idea of a high school party was to have fun, hook up with other people, and get wasted. Not that the last part was any fun.

 "I usually don't get excited over things," Holly said lowly, "but this is an exception. I actually feel like Kendra Dawson, Davey Smith, Bryce Williams, and the other sophomores."

 The three people that she had just mentioned were considered one of the most well-liked people in the school. Kendra was a cheerleader who did charitable acts and was known to throw the best parties. Davey was the running-back for the football team who had charisma and the charm to sweep girls off of their feet. And Bryce was considered to be one of most good-looking guys in the school. Holly felt awesome that she was good friends with them. Just last week she hung out with Davey and Bryce with Jamie, Stephanie, Andy, and Aaron. They went to the local pool center and caused lots of attention from the adult swimmers. Davey allowed Holly to ride on his back, making it even more fun.

"Carter..." Megan Finnegan's voice whispered from across the room.

He turned around. "What's up, Meg?"

"Can we hang out this afternoon?" she asked. "I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, sure." he whispered, smiling. "Where at?"

"I was thinking Starbucks."

Carter grinned. "Okay, I'll meet you there."

Carter loved Megan. She was one of those friends that would always have your back. Carter remembered when Kristin Chapman had had a crush on him in the eigth grade and Megan probed her with questions to make sure she wasn't some kind of slut. Most girls would take that as bitchy, but Carter knew better. He felt the sensation of his phone vibrating in his left pocket. He reached in to grab it and looked at it underneath his desk.

   I'm getting angry. I just saw Kaleb making out with Monica in the hallway.

Carter stared at the text for a moment.


He didn't understand why Andy would care. He knew that he liked Monica, but he was always hitting on other girls.

He started texting Andy.

And why do you care?

He pressed send and waited for about a minute and a half until a new message popped up.

Bcuz Kaleb is a dbag and if she's goin to date anyone besides me, it's not gonna be him.
Carter snickered at the text. Is someone jealous?


 Ms. Smith came around where he was sitting at, causing him to hide the phone in his pocket.

"Told you you would get caught." Holly said to him.

"You know you're not supposed to text in class." Ms. Smith said firmly.

For a teacher who was young and pretty, she was uptight.

"I know." he said, sullenly.

"Consider this a warning." she said. "If I catch you out with it again, it's going to the dean."

"Sorry." he said irritably. 

 Holly leaned in towards him. "Who was the text from?"

"Andy." he answered. "He's complaining about Monica dating Kaleb."

She chortled. "I noticed he's been looking at Palma lately."

"Who doesn't he look at."

"Good point." she said. "But I'm saying since Monica has a boyfriend, maybe he can try to date Palma."

"Maybe, he should." Shelbi Glick, who sat at the table next to them,  said. "He never gets any action."

 Carter laughed quietly. Everyone knew that. Andy hadn't even made it to first base and it gave all of the guys a reason to tease him. Carter wasn't exactly experienced either, but he had at least did more things to girls than Andy has.

 "I agree, Shel." said Holly. "Maybe the party would give him some boost."

"There's a party?" Patty Wentworth asked. She was super-skinny and had medium-length blond hair. She used to be good friends with Elisha and Andy in middle school.

"Yeah!" Holly said nicely. "You wanna come?"

"Sure." she said.

"Ok, my address is 4012 Hummingbird Lane on Riverside Crest." Holly answered. "I'll write that down for you."

Holly wrote down the address on her sheet and gave it to Patty.

"Thanks!" Patty said sweetly.

"Don't mention it." Holly said.

"Well, Carter," she said, turning to him. "That's fifty-nine now."

  Carter sprinted across the hallway to find Andy standing by his locker.

"Hey, Andy." he said.

"Hey," Andy said, grabbing his folder out of his locker.

"Don't worry about Kaleb." Carter said. "The relationship probably won't last long if he's a jerk."

Andy sighed. "I guess. Maybe I'll find some other girl to like."

"Like Palma." stated Carter.

"Exactly." he answered. "She's incredibly hot." 

"Unfortunately you wouldn't probably get anywhere with her." Carter said.

"Carter..." ventured Andy. "Who told you so?"

"Well, she doesn't like sex or anything." he answered, chuckling to see Andy's disenchantment on his face. "And I'm pretty sure she wouldn't even let you feel her up."

 Andy stared at Carter in disbelief. "I bet I can. She seems to like me."

"As a friend, but not a boyfriend."

"Well, you know what, I bet I can get her to go out with me."

"Well, if you can, I'll pay you a hundred dollars." proposed Carter. "Or vice versa."

"Fine." Andy said, shrugging his shoulders to show that he was all for the bet. "Piece of cake."

They had always made bets on things that were nearly impossible for one of them to win. Carter couldn't wait for Andy to pay him.

 "Hey, Palma." Andy said during study hall.

"Hi!" she said, smiling brightly at him.

"How are you?" he asked, checking to see if she was giving him flirtaceous looks.

"Oh, it's great!" she said. "I'm a little disappointed that we didn't have a convo today."

"Oh, yeah." he said. "Someone made a mistake. It's actually tomorrow."

"Ow!" she suddenly moaned in pain.

"What's wrong?" Andy asked alarmly.

"I got a leg cramp." she said, sucking in her breath and grabbing her thigh.

 Andy suddenly had an idea. "I know how to help with that."

He thought the bet would work out well for him.

"Really?" she asked.

"Sure." he said. "My mom did this whenever I would get cramps in my leg."

 And with that, he took his hand that was resting on his right leg underneath the table and placed it on Palma's leg. He began to rub it, but not to the point where it would make it obvious for Palma.

"Oh, yeah," she said. "Someone told me that if you get a cramp in your leg, you should put pressure on the inflicted area."

Andy wasn't trying to be mean, but he thought Palma was pretty stupid. Any other girl would realize that he was flirting with them.

 "I think that's better for now." she said warmly. "Thanks a lot. You're a great friend."

"Yeah, you too." he said, but was a little disappointed that he had to stop too soon.

He knew that what he just did didn't even count because she thought he was just being a healer for her leg. But he had other rounds to go, so he didn't worry.




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