The Truth Behind The Veil (Complete)
Author: BlackVeiledBrideofJinxx

Chapter 28



Some say that about two thousand years ago,

a loving god who wanted his people be spared the penalty of their sin,

sent his son down so he could bear the punishment for us all,

just so we wouldn’t have to.

They call the Son the Christ, the Messiah, the saviour.

But for the rest of us,

we can’t see what they see,

we can’t fathom it.

Though we may not believe in the holy Saviour named Jesus Christ,

we all want a saviour of our own,

to help catch us when we fall down,

to be there in our darkest hours,

to love us.

Always seems like we won’t get this saviour however,

for there are too many people who beat us down instead of build us up.

I know that I decided to become my own saviour,

for I had no choice.

If you can’t find a saviour,

become your own and

stay strong against the ones who try to tear you down.


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