Ocean Girl
Author: pentalia3

Chapter 8

He answered back and said:

Zach B.

Yes I cried. What is it asked mom. Zach replied and is my bf now. That's great said my mom.
Me and Zach went to the swimming pool that day. I wore my pink bikini. ( So I would look cute.)
We talked and talked. Then I asked him to bring me home and he did when I got out of the
car I smiled and right before he left I ran back to his car and kissed him right on the lips.
Thanks he said and drove away. I ran upstairs and took a shower. And changed into jeans and a blue tank top. The next day I went to Mikayla's house and told her all the news about Zach.

Wow you have a boyfriend now she said excitingly. I really like Jack Hampshire Mikayla said.
We headed to his house and Mikayla asked if he could be her bf. And he said.... cool ( which means yes) Yay!  Mikayla screamed. We headed back to the house and watched Wizards
of Waverly Place until my sister Amy picked me up and walked home with me. Anna what were you
doing screaming yesterday? Oh it's none of you're business. You will love it when you get to be
a freshman girl I said. The whole family had dinner I talked about how my day went and it actually
went wonderful!  Then we had a lovely ending of the story.



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