Ocean Girl
Author: pentalia3

Chapter 6

Today I thought inside my head when I was waking up, I said I have to go to Mikayla's house now!
I got changed and hurried  outside  the door and ran to Mikayla's house. Mikayla opened the door and  I saw her cute dog Hail  standing by her. Anna why were you running? asked Mikayla. Oh I really needed to get to you're house before nine o clock I said. It's eight o five only Mikayla said.
We talked and I had some breakfast. I got a phone call. Brrrrring! went my cell phone. I
picked it up. Hello this is Alissa. Hi Alissa I will be on my way to James, see you later
bye. I have to go Mikayla I will come back at ten thirty. OK Anna she said. And off I went to
James house.

I got to James house and helped him on his star test, and went to Jessica's house and saw
her star test poster and I said love it! And hurried out her door and went back to Mikayla's
house. Phew! I could settle down now. I went down Mikayla's hallway and saw her room.
It was like perfect! All pink and blue with Miley Cyrus stuff all over her walls. I immediately
fainted. OMG said Mikayla. Mom! yelled Mikayla. Yes honey she yelled back. Anna fainted Mikayla yelled. I will be coming said her mom. Mikayla's mom came running in and picked me up.
Whoa! I said when I was sitting on Mikayla's bed. What happened Anna? ask Mikayla's mom.
I fainted because I love her room I said.

OK Anna now I get it said Mikayla's mom. Mikayla's mom went away. Anna want to watch T.V? asked
Mikayla. Sure. We watched Hannah Montana. After watching T.V. I went home and slept, when
my mom said Honey dinner time. I did not here her. My mom came in and saw me asleep.
She tip toed out and told my dad. At 8:00 I woke up and walked downstairs and saw my
brother's eating my favorite breakfast and there was no more! Dad! there is no more
french toast I screamed. I got really impatient. So I had to have Corn Flakes for breakfast.
I hate these I thought to myself. After I read my book Dolphin's Curse by Amelia
Kylen. Miss. Kylen's daughter was Amelia. I love her books. There so adventurous and long.

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