Ocean Girl
Author: pentalia3

Chapter 3
High School

The summer past really, really fast! On the first day of high school I went on the bus
and saw none of my friends. I thought they were driving to school. But I guess they love
walking. By the way I forgot to tell you how old I am. I am 15 years old. There I told you
dear reader my age.  When I got to my High School, Rosewood High I saw Mikayla,Hailey,
and Jessica. I ran up to Jessica. Jessica!!!

 I barely screamed. Anna how are you asked
Jessica excitingly. Oh good I said calming down. Well Anna what's the matter? asked Mikayla.
Well I figured out that were not in the same classes at all! What the heck! said Hailey.
I know that is really dumb I said. I headed of to Miss Kylen's class. Math time now I thought
to myself.

We learned about sixteen time two is thirty-two. And nine times five is forty-five. After
Miss. Kylen's class, I went to Mr. Hopes class( Science.) That was the one Hailey was just in,
so we are switching classes. In class we learned about butterflies that their life cycle is
egg,larva,pupa,adult. That was pretty interesting. We learned all about them.
The halftime came. I rushed out to the tables and sat with Hailey,Mikayla, and Jessica.
Wow Mikayla! you learned a lot said Jessica.

What are you talking about I interrupted them.
 How much you learned in the two classes.Well I said sitting down I learned
the butterflies life cycle is egg,larva,pupa,adult. And sixteen time two is  thirty-two. And
nine times five is forty-five. Cool said Mikayla. We ate our lunch and went back to our new classes.
I was heading toward Mrs. Ann's class( History) Wow so much about George Washington.
He was the first president in the world! That was awesome.

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