Ocean Girl
Author: pentalia3

Chapter 2
Getting to know people

My mom came out from the house. And we drove to Mikayla's house. I rang her doorbell it was so pretty. Mikayla opened the door. My mom said are you ready? Yep she replied. I loved her outfit it had a skirt with leggings and a pink Hannah Montana shirt. Me and Mikayla talked all the way home. I told her about my brothers Cam and Conner. When we got there we played DS lites.
Then we had dinner it was spaghetti ( my favorite dinner). Then I heard a knock at the door.
I hurried and opened the door it was Hailey Riches my best friend besides Mikayla.

Hi Hailey I said surprisingly. Hi Anna may I come in? Yeah sure I said. Meet my other best friend
Mikayla Hounds. Mikayla this is Hailey Riches. Hi said Mikayla. Well.. Hailey what are you doing here? Coming to help you on the S.T.A.R test this following week.Oops! I forgot. Mikayla was so confused. What! she said. Mikayla remember? Oh yeah, yeah I remember she said. We all worked
on the S.T.A.R. test for an hour or two. Hailey decided since she was a senior at high school, that she would sleep over. I told my mom, and she said sure. After dinner Hailey took me and Mikayla to a Selena Gomez concert. It was cool! Conner my brother said lucky so jealous.

 Conner has a crush on Selena Gomez I whispered to Mikayla. ( Hailey knew) OMG! Mikayla laughed. Whats so funny? Conner asked.
 Oh nothing Conner I told him. After the concert we went to bed.
At 7:00 Me, Mikayla, and Hailey went down for breakfast. We all had French Toast. Conner and Cam came downstairs looking like a clown! Conner's hair was sticking up, Cam's P.J'S were backwards. We all laughed. We got dressed and went out to go shopping . First we  went to the Cosmetics Shop then Claire's then the movies and headed home. Hailey was going to go home so was Mikayla. Hailey waved good bye and off she went. At 7:00 Mikayla went home. The next day
I saw Hailey and Mikayla walking by my house.  I waved to them. I called Mikayla and left her
a message saying that I was home schooled and I will be going to High School.

She replied and said cool so did Hailey. I could not wait till high school next year!

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