Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 11
Sorani: The Rundown!

My legs seemed to have taken on a mind of their own as I followed him into the woods. His light jacket was what helped me keep a good view of him. I figured he knew I was following him, because normally when a spirit is done communicating with you they disappear. So I continued to follow him deeper into the woods, thinking that was what he wanted me to do.

            He suddenly skidded to a holt in the middle of a clearing. His head turned to look over his shoulder, glancing at me, then to his left. His face was horror stricken as he watched whatever it was that was there. I suddenly felt afraid. Even though he was no longer alive, why would he be afraid of something that could no longer hurt him? I thought. I was even more afraid to look in that direction, knowing he’d disappear and I’d be alone.

            His lips trembled as he pointed to what he saw. He then turned to face me. “Rayne I’m so sorry. I should have told you to stay away. I never should have led you hear. This was a mistake. Run! Go now! Run! ” he screamed at me.

             I could hear whatever it was that he saw and froze. It sounded like a pack of wild dogs eating something. From the volume of their fierce full growls I could tell they were huge. I peeked at them from the corner of my eye and almost fainted. There were at least three gigantic dogs tearing a bear to shreds. Two were white with a bronze color at the tip of their small tails and one was completely brown. The bear was torn in almost two pieces as they devoured it. A soft gasp escaped my lips as I watched the biggest one come from out of the trees. It was all black and stood at a good six feet tall on all fours.

            Their hearing was amazing, for they had to be a good fifty yards away from me, but all four of their heads bobbed up in my direction. Not waiting to see if they were going to attack or not, I ran back in the direction of my house. I could hear their growls and footsteps as they gained on me. Running with all my might, I pushed myself as hard as I could. I risked looking back only to trip over a huge branch. They were so close one of them fell on top of me when I hit the floor, knocking the air out of my lungs.

            Just as quickly as he was smothering me I felt a hard jolt knock him off. One of them grabbed my book bag and lifted me up off the floor, and I could see it was now at least ten of them surrounding me. My heart skipped ten beats as I looked below me. The black dog that held me up was rushed by a black and silver dog, knocking him down and me with it. That seemed very odd, I thought, why were they attacking each other? I suddenly felt two emotions tugging at my soul. One demanded for me to be terrified, while the other hugged me and told me I was safe. The two emotions were getting to me, and I was as confused as ever. These weird feelings that seemed to come over me lately were amazing.

            When the dog fell I hit my head on a tree stump and was dazed a bit. I could feel one of them standing above me as the havoc reeked. The fighting was so loud I had to cover my ears and prayed that whoever won would eat me and do it fast. A hard crunch broke out and a howl of pain followed soon after. My ears began to ring from it, even though I was covering them. I shivered uncontrollably as I waited for the fighting to end. The growls and snarls were enough to make my heart jump out of my chest.

            Something hit the floor a few feet away, and I could feel the ground shake underneath me. I gasped, that’s how big they were. The ground would shake like a mini earthquake when they hit it. A lot of banging followed, along with cracking of the trees around us. It sounded like they were having a hardcore match, and I was the title they’d win in the end.

            The one standing above me must have been trying to make sure no one could get me. It would snap every now and then at one that would come too close. I could feel his feet nudge me when he moved, not letting any one of them touch me.

            The chaos ended soon after, for it seemed to have been the longest five minutes of my life. The dog standing over me sped away, probably to make sure no other dogs could stop him from eating me. Then the sound of bodies being dragged was what made me feel faint, because I knew I was next. The dragging ended, after a minute or two.

            Silence filled my ears.

            The feeling of being safe was the only emotion I felt, but my mind overruled it. I witnessed a small scene where at least ten gigantic animals were fighting to eat me. So the feeling of being afraid did not vanish, it was just watered down.

            I removed my hands from my ears but didn’t open my eyes afraid of what I might see. The silence lingered afterwards frightening me even more. I chewed lightly on my bottom lip as I waited for death to come and take me.

            Suddenly I heard movement in the bushes not too far away. I then held my breath, as I heard footsteps approaching slowly. I felt a scream build up in my lungs but was silenced by a warm hand that lifted me off the ground. I was prepared to stare in the face of a loved one, or maybe even an angel. Neither could have prepared me for what stood before me.

            It was a man.


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