Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 10
Sorani: The Reunion.

School was finally out and things were not looking up. It seemed like things would get duller and duller with every hour that passed. I needed a vacation as I turned onto the block of my house.

Pulling into my drive way and cutting the engine, I hopped out the car and headed for the front door. Just when I went to stick my key in the door I heard someone call my name. I looked around, not really hearing where the voice actually came from. Then again, this time it was louder. I looked over my porch toward my backyard and almost fell over it. Torian was standing in my backyard in a black tux, he was wearing the same outfit I’d seen him in at the funeral.

            I ran down the porch steps and around the house to enter the backyard. He was so handsome. I felt my heart drop as we locked eyes, “Torian? What are you doing here?” I asked him quietly.

            A weak smile creased his lips as he said. “I had to see you one last time.” he explained stepping closer to me. “You still look so beautiful,” he commented, raising his hand to caress my face, but it went right through me. That seemed to make him feel even sadder as his smile faded completely.

            “Thanks,” I said, “You don’t look so bad yourself.” I smiled trying to make him feel better. You’d think I was crazy but talking to spirits pretty much on the daily basis was the norm for me. They all eventually began to grow on you and they felt like normal people.

            “I’m going to miss you, you know that?” he asked staring into my eyes.

            “I’m going to miss you too.” I admitted, wishing I could kiss his lips.

            He looked around my huge backyard and his eyes possessed the same longing I remembered seeing in my dad’s. He seemed so sad, and I knew that he would give pretty much anything to be back at home. I wished I could hug him, just to make some of the pain go away, but knew it was impossible. I wished a lot of things, including the fact that this never should have happened to him. He was such a good person, just like so many others, who did not deserve their fate.

             Being able to communicate with spirits brought a whole new prospective on life. I’m such a different person than I was six years ago, that I feel like I’m one of them. It’s hard, since experiencing their pain can be sometimes too hard to bear. It’s sort of like watching a sad story over and over again, with no way to make it into a happy ending. You begin to feel like you’re trapped in their world with them, only you have the right to your free will, while they have to watch helplessly from the sidelines.

            People really have no idea how many of them walk among us, ranging from parents, friends, siblings, loved ones. Everything. It hurts to experience the pain they feel, knowing they’ll never have a chance to be with the ones they love again. All they could ever do now was watch.

             “Rayne?” he called out waving his hand in my face to get my attention, “Did you hear me?” he asked when our eyes met.

            “No Ian, what did you say?” I asked

            He ran one of his hands through his hair looking away seeming a little sheepish, then said, “I love you. And I want you to know I will always love you.”

            I just looked at him, not able to reply. Seeing my stunned expression, he smiled that gorgeous smile of his, “I know it’s not what you expected to hear from me, but it’s the truth. That’s why I put up with the way you were treating me, hoping that one day you’ll come around.”

            “I’m sorry Ian,” I murmured, ducking my head down. I saw his hand underneath my chin and realized he was trying to lift it up. So I looked up at him, “I don’t know what to say. I mean I do love you, I really do. This is just a shocker right now. ”

            He chuckled, smiling down at me “You don’t have to say anything, it’s okay. I just thought I’d tell you before I said goodbye. That’s the reason I came here today, to tell you what I would have told you that night.”

             My heart sank at the mention of that day, and how angry I was with him for standing me up. I thought that maybe he’d come to his senses and was not going to put up with my ridiculous insecurities. I hated him. Now all I wanted to do was hold him close.

            “Thanks, I’m glad you came here today,” I said, smiling up at him, “It means a lot to me.”

            His face lit up at my words, and a smile creased his lips.

            He suddenly looked into the trees as if someone had called his name. I followed his gaze and saw nothing, “I have to go,“ he started, then looked back at me, then said “Take care of yourself, Okay? ” I nodded in response and he blew a kiss to me walking backward to the trees “Goodbye.” was the last word I heard him speak as he disappeared into the forest.


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