Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 9
Sorani:The Worst Service Ever!

As I lay silently on the nurse’s bed I kept the eyes closed. I did not want to open them and be brought back to reality. I did not want to remember hating Ian only to realize that it was hardly his fault he stood me up. The pain was too much to bear. I hated myself for hating him.

Letting go I tried my hardest to sleep, the more I slept the more the pain would me numbed away. This was a tactic I picked up when my dad died.






The funeral was horrible. The moment I walked in I wished I hadn’t. Arell was sitting in between Ian’s mom Lori and his dad Thomas. The three of them were huddled up like it was the end of the world. Tammy sat a good distance from them but close enough for them to look like family. The moment Tammy spotted me and Ruby she waved us over.

My heart skipped a few beats since I knew his parents did not approve of me. They felt the same way everyone else did. I was no good for Torian. I was worthless to them.

Arell lifted her head slightly and our eyes met. The look of disgust was ridden all over her face. “What are you doing here?’ she asked me, disgust filing her voice also.

The moment she said that all eyes were on me. I cringed and regretted walking up to the front. I should have stayed in the back.

Ian’s mom face twisted up and she looked in Arell’s direction, “Is that her?”

Arell just nodded her head and rolled her tear filled eyes.

Lori stood up and pointed a finger at me, “You have no right to be here! My son is dead because of you! How dare you show your face here! ”

The moment the accusation escaped her lips the whole crowd gasp.

Tammy stood and screamed at her mom, “Ma! How could you say that to her? You know how much she meant to Torian! You don’t think she’s hurting too! She has a right to be here, Ian would want that!”

The tears that built up in my eyes slowly cascaded down my face. I could not deal with this, because what she said seemed true to me. If he would have went with Arell he would have been on the other side of town.

“Tammy it’s okay, I’ll just go.” I said as I turned to leave.

Ruby grabbed my arm and said, “You do have a right to be here Ray and she can’t make you leave. We’ll just sit somewhere else.”

I could not argue so I walked alongside Ruby as she pulled me a few rows back. I did not notice Tammy was following us until she sat on my left side. I gave her one of the hugest hugs ever. She was like my sister in a way. I would never forget this day and the fact that she was always so sweet to me. I owed her big time for her generosity.


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