Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 8
Sorani: The Revelation.

            The light from the morning sun blinded me a bit as I awoke. I stretched my body to its limit as I was sprawled out on my bed. Looking down at my cloths I noticed I was still wearing my dress from the night before. The image of my dress brought back fresh memories of last night and its events. A horrible get wrenching feeling coursed through me. A feeling I knew all too well. A feeling I would run from to the end.

            Looking around my room I noticed there was a note sitting on my nightstand. I knew it was from my mom so I decided to read it later since I already knew what it was going to say. She was going to apologize for something that wasn’t her fault.

            Slowly climbing out of my bed I let go of a gush of air from my lungs as Ian’s beautiful face filled my thoughts. Sending yet another stab at my heart. A fresh load of tears built up under my eyelids, but I refused to let them fall. I had let him float around in my thoughts all night, ultimately leading to me crying myself to sleep.

            Last night was it, I would not cry anymore. I had cried my heart out to the point where I felt dehydrated. I had to let go, otherwise I would not be able to move forward with my life. So I made sure that with each tear that fell from my eyes buried my hurt and pain. I would get through this.

Ready to put the night behind me I stood and prepared to get ready for school. I had woken a little late but if I moved at a fast pace I would make it to school on time. Looking around for my phone I remembered that before I went to sleep I had put it on vibrate.

Picking it up, I saw that it was dead, so I grabbed my charger to plug it up. The light indicated that it was charging but wasn’t ready to cut on. So I grabbed my shower bag and headed to the bathroom. On my way out I saw the note and something told me to read it.

Picking up the note, it read,

                        Morning honey, I hope you feel better. I’m so sorry

about what happened last night. Ruby called last

night to check on you. She told me what was going

on. I’m sure she’ll explain when you get to school

today. I’m so sorry honey. But you’ll get through

this. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

                                                            Love Mom.

            Rolling my eyes and shaking my head I sat the note back on the stand.


            On my way to school my mind was bound into a mess. As much as I told myself not to think about Ian the more I did. Every time I blinked my eyes he was in my thoughts.

            Although I was crushed I did consider giving him the benefit of the doubt. While my phone was charging I prayed that he would call and explain to me while he stood me up. Even after cutting it on I hoped he would call, but with each minute that passed was another let down.           

The only calls I had were from Ruby. She left me a good five voice messages. I didn’t listen to them though, because I knew she was just checking to see where I was last night. She must have stopped calling when she got in touch with my mom.

Driving down the long street to my school I made myself yet another promise. I would try my best not to let anyone see how bad I was hurting. Not even Ruby.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the school I noticed Tammy, Ruby, Andrew and an unknown face standing in front of Andrew’s car. I immediately felt a panic attack coming on. Tammy was crying and so was Ruby. They both were so sad and I could only wonder what was wrong.

Parking my car a few spaces away I climbed out with the quickness. Nearly breaking into a run I approached them thinking the worst. Tammy was the first to notice me. Her face turned a bright red color as she began to sob.

My heart sank in my chest as Ruby turned to give me a hug.

“What is it?” I asked frantically.

All eyes were on me

“You don’t know?’ Ruby asked in disbelief.

“Know what?” my voice rose a bit as I looked each of them in the face.

“About Ian, he-,” Ruby started but couldn’t finish.

“Could somebody just please tell me what happened!” I yelled a bit. This beating around the bush was killing me. “I’m losing my mind here!”

“Torian died in a car accident last night.” The unknown man said.

My body froze as his words echoed in my head over and over again as I fell from Ruby’s arms and onto the ground.


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