The Flowers of Many Secrets
Author: bookloverkp

Chapter 7

Thirty years later...

Amandalyn is no longer a fashion icon, but has a good job in the fashion industry still. She design's woman's fancy-wear like gowns and dressy tops. Maggie runs her own art studio, selling all of her magnificent works of art. Daisy is a first grade teacher. She loves her class. The first project she did with them, was make their own mini plant habitats.

Maggie, Daisy, and Amandalyn are at Grandmom's grave. They plant the little green stems from their plant habitats, that have grown only about an inch since Grandmom returned from the hospital when she slipped on the floor in the market and got a concussion, thirty years ago. But they did have something new. They had each had a little bud on them.

They throw flowers on top of her grave. A flower petal falls off from one of the petunias that Maggie is planting and from one of the daisies that Daisy is happening. They landed on the buds of each plant. Then, all of a sudden, something amazing happens, at least to them. The buds open, showing the beautiful flowers. Maggie and Daisy stand there, staring at the sight.

"So beautiful," Maggie said.

"So, that was the secret," said Daisy, smiling.

"There are many, many more secrets to learn, of those flowers. It will take a lifetime to learn them," Amandalyn told them, sounding just like Grandmom.

"Just like it took a long time just to know this one secret," said Daisy.

"Yes, but that was the most important one," Amandalyn said.

They all cried tears of grief for Grandmom. They hoped she would have a safe trip to wherever she was going.


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