The Flowers of Many Secrets
Author: bookloverkp

Chapter 6
Chapter Six

It was a couple months before Grandmom came home, so there was no one to watch Maggie and Daisy. Amandalyn had to take a long time off of work, so she could be able to keep an eye one them. They hadn't been to Grandmom's house ever since the accident.

"I miss Grandmom," Daisy said.

"Me too," Maggie said.

"Everybody does," Amandalyn said, "but she should be coming home sometime this week."

"Yay!" cheered Daisy.

"Do you think we can go see her today, mom?" asked Maggie.

"I'm sure we can," said Amandalyn.

"Yay! Again!" cheered Daisy, once more.

They drove to the hospital, and went up to see Grandmom.

"How are you feeling, Grandmom?" Amandalyn asked.

"I'm better. How are you all doing?" Grandmom inquired.

"We're good," Maggie said.

"Have you been up to my house lately?" Grandmom asked.

"No, we haven't been there since the day of your accident." Amandalyn said.

"Well, I think you should go there today. You girls go there now. I need my rest, so I can come home soon." Grandmom then all of a sudden got very tired.

"Shh, we should get going now," Amandalyn whispered.

"Ok, bye Grandmom," whispered Maggie.

"Bye bye, Grandmom," said Daisy, softly.

They drove to Grandmom's house. The outside looked the same as usual. I wonder why Grandmom wanted us to come here, thought Maggie, our plants will probably be dead.

When they walked in the front door, the found a surprise. There, in the shallow end of the soil in each of the habitats, was a tiny speck of green. Barely seeable. Our tears must be what they need to grow! thought Maggie. She hugged her sister tightly.

On the day Grandmom came home, she said, "Did you like your surprise?"

"Wait a minute, Grandmom. How is that your surprise to us? I thought they just grow naturally."

"They do. But these need special things to help them grow. Tears speed up their growing. And other secret things do, too. By the time you guys are all grown up, these plants will have grown a bud. There, on the bud, you need to place a secret ingredient." Grandmom said, mysteriously.

"What's the secret ingredient?" Daisy asked, excited.

"You will find out, when you are old enough." Grandmom said. "I will be very old, if not dead of old age, by the time you figure it out."

"Oh great, more waiting." Daisy sighed. Everyone laughed at that. "But I don't want you to die, Grandmom."

"No one wants anyone to die. But, everyone does die, and you need to be prepared for that. Unless you are an immortal, you will die, but you will have very good times before your time comes." Grandmom said. "I've had very good times when I was raising your mom, and when I take care of you. I assure you, there will be many good times to come in the future."


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