The Flowers of Many Secrets
Author: bookloverkp

Chapter 5
Chapter Five

"Grandmom!" They both yell, running out of the dressing room, Daisy still in the store's clothes. They see Grandmom, on the floor, eyes closed, sugar on top of her. They see a wet spot on the floor.

"She must have accidentally slipped on the wet spot and fell. I think she hit her head," Maggie said, "Hurry, get someone to help! I'm calling 911!" She pulled out her cell phone, dialing 911.

"Hello, is there an emergency?" said a voice.

"Yes, our grandmother slipped on a wet spot in the market and hit her head. She's not waking up!"

"Hold on, miss, we'll be right there," the voice said.

Then, Daisy came back. "I can't find anyone that will come with me," she said, still in the clothes she was trying on.

"It's ok, I called 911 and now I'm calling mom," Maggie said, picking up her phone again. "Oh, and change out of those clothes, hurry!"

"Right," said Daisy, and hurried into the changing room.

"Hello?" Amandalyn said.

"Mom? Grandmom took us shopping at the market, and while Daisy was trying on clothes, we heard Grandmom scream. We came out, and saw that she had slipped on a wet spot on the floor. She wouldn't wake up, so I called 911. Please come!" Maggie told her, with her voice full of panic and fear.

"I'll be right there," Amandalyn said, right as the ambulance came. She'd have to cancel her appointment with Gwindo Lia. Oh well, family was more important. Anyways, she's already had the chance to meet Gwindo.

Daisy came out just in time. Maggie and Daisy got in the back of the ambulance, with Grandmom. They hoped she would be ok. Some people asked them questions like "Was there anyone watching?" and "What happened?" and "We you guys the only ones she was with?" and stuff like that.

After arriving at the hospital, they got seated in the waiting room. A lot of people were looking at them, but they didn't care, as long as Grandmom was alright. After about twenty-five minutes, Amandalyn came in. She sat next to Maggie.

"What happened? Is Grandmom ok?" Amandalyn asked, worried.

"We don't know," Maggie said sadly.

A nurse came out, and turned to Amandalyn. "Miss, are you these girls' mother?"

"Yes, I am." Amandalyn said.

"You are very lucky to have these brave children. Their grandmother suffered from just a little unconsciousness. But we would like to have her stay over one night, just to be safe," the nurse explained.

"Thank you for the news. If it's better for her to stay over night, that's fine. Better to be safe than sorry," Amandalyn said.

"Mhmm," said the nurse, then she walked away.

On the way back to Grandmom's house to pick up Maggie's and Daisy's school stuff, Maggie and Daisy went over to the plant habitats. There was nothing. Then they got a call from the hospital. Amandalyn talked to the person on the phone for awhile. When she got off, she started to cry.

"They did further testing, because they found something weird before. It seems Grandmom has a concussion." Amandalyn said through sobs. Maggie and Daisy started crying, too. Their tears fell onto the plant habitats. There was a quick spark, but no one noticed.


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