The Flowers of Many Secrets
Author: bookloverkp

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

The next day, after school, the girls were at Grandmom's house. As soon as they stepped in the door, they went to see their plant habitats. Sadly, there were no sproutlings, or any sign of green.

"Be patient, ladies. It takes time for the flowers to grow. Why don't you guys go get the watering can and water them?" Grandmom suggested.

"Ok!" Maggie said, racing off to get the little plastic watering can. She filled it up with water and happily let the water sprinkle on the soil. She handed the watering can to Daisy, and Daisy watered hers. They wondered what they were going to do next.

"Grandmom," Daisy said, "we don't know what to do now!"

"How about you girls make decorations for your habitats?" Grandmom suggested.


"Go into the craft room, and bring that big blue plastic tub out here, Daisy. All the supplies you need are in that. Daisy hurried off, with Maggie following. As they entered the craft room, they looked all around. Maggie spotted the tub.

"There it is, Daisy," Maggie said.

"Thanks," replied Daisy. They dragged the tub out into where they usually do their crafts. They got the supplies they needed. Daisy made homemade stickers, to stick on the sides. Maggie made an ornament, and put a string around the top of her habitat. She hung the ornament from the string. She hung a couple more.

"There!" Maggie said, examining her finished product.

"Very nice, Maggie," Grandmom told her. Maggie smiled. "You too, Daisy." Daisy admired her habitat.

"Now what do we do, Grandmom? Mom still isn't coming for a long time!" Maggie asked.

"Well, what would you girls like to do?" Grandmom asked them.

"I want to make a bracelet," Daisy replied.

"Well, I don't," Maggie objected, then sighed, "I guess you can make a bracelet, and I can finish my kitty picture." Maggie went to find the kitty picture in her bookbag. Daisy got out the stuff she needed to make her bracelet.

Maggie was deeply involved in her drawing. She tuned everything out. It was as if she and her drawing were the only two things that existed right then and there. She could concentrate really well. She sketched the parts she needed to draw next, so lightly, you could barely see them. She erased all of the lines that she didn't need, and darkened the ones that were left. She smeared the excess pencil across the lines with the side of her hand, very lightly, so it looked detailed. Then she made the shadow behind it. It looked great. The kitten was jumping up, reaching for something. Maggie decided not to draw anything to show what it was reaching for. She wanted to get the people who saw it to think. Maggie wasn't going to color it. She thought it looked good without being colored. Coloring it would just ruin it.

After Maggie was no longer tuning everything out, she saw that Daisy had finished her bracelet. It was yellow, and white.

"Just like a daisy!" Daisy explained. Maggie showed Grandmom and Daisy her finished drawing.

"Amazing, Maggie, absolutely amazing!" Grandmom said, patting her head.

"Hopefully the plants will grow soon. I want to see them!" Daisy said.

"Me too," said Maggie.


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