The Flowers of Many Secrets
Author: bookloverkp

Chapter 2
Chapter Two

"Hey, girls, what have you guys been up to?" Amandalyn asked.

"We made plant habitats!" exclaimed Maggie.

"Looks like you had a lot of fun!" Amandalyn said.

"Yep, they did. Maggie planted petunias and Daisy planted... well... daisies, of course!" said Grandmom. Everyone laughed at that. "You girls will have to come back and check on your plants, every day. I'm not going to be responsible for them, if you girls don't water them. If you do not water them, they will get brown and shrivel up. You don't want that to happen."

"No we don't!" Maggie gasped at the sound of the flowers getting brown and shriveling up.

"Good," said Grandmom.

"Girls, I've had a long day. But, guess who I got to see today?" Amandalyn said to Daisy and Maggie.

"Who?! Who?!" they both asked together.

"Gwindo Lia," Amandalyn said with excitement. Both of the girls screamed, asking their mom a number of questions.

"What was she like?" Maggie asked.

"What did she wear?" Daisy inquired.

"Well, Maggie, she was a very pretty young lady. She was very nice, kind, and she said she loves animals. And, Daisy, she was wearing a brightly colored skirt of all the colors of the rainbow, white dress shirt, white dress shoes, and white accessories." Amandalyn told them. The girls were in awe.

"What kind of accessories?!" Daisy asked.

"Well, white earrings, white bracelets, and a white necklace." Amandalyn said.

"Awesome... What are we having for dinner?"
"What do you want?"

"Pizza with pepperoni and double cheese."

"Ok, where from?"

"The Pizza House."

"Ok, it closes in an hour, so we better get going." Amandalyn checked her watch.

"Bye, Grandmom! See you tomorrow!" Maggie said.

"Ok, bye, girls!" Grandmom said.

"Wait! I forgot my kitty drawing!" Maggie said, running to get it.

"Hurry up, Maggie!" Amandalyn said.

"I need this for school," Maggie explained to her mom, "for the art fair. I want to win first prize."

"Ok, ok," Amandalyn said.

As they were driving to The Pizza House, Maggie and Daisy were thinking about their plant habitats. When will the flowers grow? I hope they don't shrivel up, Maggie thought. Daisy was wondering if her design would be a good one, to give the flowers sunlight, water, air, and if it was a good shape.

When they went inside, they picked a booth near a window. They watched all the cars going by, and looked at the pretty sun setting, against a light, pink sky.

"What a beautiful sky," Amandalyn said, in a dreamy voice, "It makes me want to be on the beach, with the sun setting." She sighed. How she wished she could live at the beach. But, being a fashion icon, it would be too busy. Her daughters wouldn't have anywhere to go, while she was working. The only time when she got to go on the beach, is when she took a couple weeks off from work in the summer, and she and the girls went on a vacation. It was awfully expensive, though. Well, maybe that's because they usually go to different countries. But it could be a little cheaper, but they all like to shop for back to school clothes, souvenirs, and winter clothing. Usually, Maggie's and Daisy's clothes were very unique, because they would go on trips to places that other people usually don't go.

This year, Amandalyn was planning to go to Venice, Italy. The girls always had really fun vacations. But they wouldn't be on the beach in Venice. But at least they got to get away, and have a good time. But, Amandalyn hadn't asked the girls where they wanted to go. They usually wanted to go to Spain, or France. Then the waiter came with the pizza.

"Yay, the pizza's here!" Maggie said, and took a piece. Daisy took the biggest one.

"Daisy, you little piglet!" Amandalyn said. Daisy smiled and laughed.

"Well, I'm hungry!" Daisy exclaimed, taking a huge bite.

"Me too!" Maggie said, but she couldn't take a bite as big as Daisy's. Daisy had almost finished her pizza, when Maggie was only a quarter way throught.

"Daisy, you're such a fast eater," Maggie said, looking at her slice of pizza, then at Daisy's, "I don't know how you do it! I can only eat like two pieces, and you eat a lot more! You eat like four pieces, everytime we get The Pizza House's pizza."

Daisy grinned. She couldn't help it if she like The Pizza House's pizza a lot! It's natural to! The Pizza House has the best pizza in the world!

After they finished their pizza, they drove home. Daisy was listening to her CD player, and Maggie was working on her kitty drawing. They yawned.

"You girls should get going to bed when we get home. It's a school night, and you need to be awake tomorrow. Actually, you should be awake for every school day." Amandalyn said.

When they got home, the girls went in to bed. You could tell they had a really good time at Grandmom's. They fell asleep, in hope of finding sproutlings in their plant habitats.


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