The Flowers of Many Secrets
Author: bookloverkp

Chapter 1
Chapter One

"Hmm, what are you doing there, Maggie?" asked Daisy.

"Drawing a picture," Maggie explained. Maggie and Daisy are best friends and sisters since the day that Daisy was born. Daisy is ten years old, and Maggie is eleven. Their mother is the 28 year old fashion icon, Amandalyn. Their mom was usually very busy, so they went to Grandmom's house. It was always fun, because Grandmom always had fun stuff to do. Last time they went, they made some dream catchers. Maggie and Daisy never had a bad dream since hanging their self-made dream catchers in their room.

"Of what?" Daisy asked.

"Why do you want to know? It's for the school art fair. It's of a kitty," Maggie explained. Maggie was very good at art. She had always been very good at drawing and sketching. Ever since she could remember, her mom said she had always been very creative in art.

"Cool," said Daisy. Just then, Grandmom came in, with craft supplies. "Ooh, what are we making today?"

"What would you like to make, dearies?" Grandmom asked. Both Daisy and Maggie yelled out some different things. They started to argue. "Hey, hey, girls! How about we make necklaces?"

"No, they're too boring," Maggie said, not remembering she had to finish her kitty drawing. Good thing it wasn't due too soon.

"Ok, then how about a plant habitat?" Grandmom asked.

"Yeah!" Maggie and Daisy both chorused together.

"Ok, then let's get started. I'll go get the supplies, while you two start plannning out the design of it." Grandmom went into the craft room. Daisy and Maggie got paper and started drawing the design. They each had different ideas of what the finished product would look like. Then Grandmom came in again. "Girls, I need to go pick up some seeds for the plant habitat. What kind would you like?"

"Petunias!" Maggie exclaimed.

"Daisies!" Daisy said, laughing.

"Ok, it's settled. I'll get both of them. Remember to not answer the door or talk to strangers. Oh, and don't answer the phone unless you see it's my cell phone number." Grandmom told them.

"Ok, Grandmom! We'll be on our perfect behavior!" Daisy assured her.

"Good," Grandmom said and walked out the door.

Daisy and Maggie went back to drawing their designs. Maggie had one that looked like a sphere, on legs, or little pegs. Daisy had one that was trapezoid-dome shaped.

"Which should we do? I want to do mine, but yours looks really cool!" Maggie said.

"I don't really mind," Daisy told her.

"Let's ask Grandmom, when she gets back. Maybe she knows what shape it should be." Maggie said. Just then, they here a key turning in the lock on the door. Grandmom walks in, carrying two packages of seeds.

"Yay! Seeds!" Maggie jumped up and down excitedly.

"Grandmom, what design should we use? We each had our own ideas of what it should look like. Mine's sort of trapezoid-dome shaped and Maggie's is like a sphere on little pegs. We weren't sure, which would help the plants grow better." Daisy explained.

"Tell you girls what. You can both do your own. We have enough materials to do both of them. Then Daisy can grow daisies, and Maggie can grow her petunias," Grandmom said.

"Woo hoo!" Daisy and Maggie said at the same time. They started making the structure. Then, they made the tops of them. They put in exactly enough soil as they needed. They planted their seeds, watered it, then put them by the window sill in the sunlight.

"Ok, girls. It will take a while for them to grow." Grandmom explained. Then Amandalyn walked through the door.


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