Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 4
Sorani: A night at the movies.


            The movie theater was packed and people were all over the place. It was like a school trip, because almost every person I knew from school was there, including Torian and his sister Tammy, along with that witch Arell. As soon as she spotted us she pulled her arm around Torian and tried to turn him so he wouldn’t see me. He looked at her like she was crazy and pulled away from her gently. I turned my gaze away from them, not wanting him to see me either.

            We walked up to the concession stand to order some popcorn and food for us. I was in need of some fries, so I ordered some of those, with chili. My mouth watered at the thought of how good they would be. The fries here were the best.

            I heard a soft gasp come from behind us and turned slightly to see Tammy. She looked so pretty in her dark blue shirt and dark blue jeans. Her makeup was flawless and her hair looked amazing.

            “Rayne is that your new boyfriend?” she asked.

            Andrew was still closer to me than he was to Ruby. I was standing in the middle of the two of them.

            “No Tammy,” I answered feeling a little guilty, so I pulled away from him and stood awkwardly beside Ruby. Ruby laughed and pushed me gently back into Andrew’s arms.

            “He’s my boyfriend Tam, but I’m sharing him for the moment,” Ruby said smiling at Andrew, who returned it. She raised her eyebrows at him and he chuckled.

            “So, Ruby, how are you guys?” Tammy asked staring at me and Andrew. I think she thought too much into the sharing remark.

            “We’re fine, how have you been?’ Ruby asked, leaning in to give her a hug.

            “Good, good, me and my brother are here to see ‘Transformers’ and we ran into Arell.” she wrinkled her nose at her name. I laughed, because I did the same thing. “She was here with her crowd, now she thinks her and my brother is on an exclusive date, I had to get away from that.”

            “Well you can always join us,” I offered, then looked around me, “If you guys don’t mind.”

            Ruby shrugged her shoulders and pulled Tammy in the direction of the movie stall we were headed to. Tammy laughed at Ruby as they talked amongst themselves, then turned to me and asked, “So, Ray, Torian told me you two were on for this Friday night, where are you guys going?”

            I almost tripped over my feet, “I have no idea, I’m still waiting to find out.” I lied, knowing I was dreading the arrival of that day. “He refuses to tell me, he wants it to be a surprise,” I explained.

                “She’s excited,” Ruby chided to Tammy, with a huge smile on her face.

            “She ought to be,” Tammy smiled in my direction. “My brother likes you a lot Ray, so you should at least give him a chance. I think you two make the perfect couple.” Tammy looked behind her and shook her head. I followed her gaze and watched as Arell tried to feed Torian popcorn. Tammy sighed then added, “I think you would be a whole lot better for him than her.”

            I shook my head as well, only feeling the exact opposite of what Tammy felt. I was no good for him. I was no good for anyone. Compared to Arell, of all people, she actually was better for him than me. At least she was sane and did not have baggage that dragged behind her from over ten years ago. I did not want to set him up for failure and have him regretting the day he met me.

                “Tammy, why is he here with her if he wants to take me out Friday?” I asked, trying to get her to think otherwise. “Obviously Arell is who he wants. I think they should go for it. They make a cuter couple than me and him” I added as we walked up to the line to check in our tickets.

            Tammy and Ruby looked at me like I was crazy. I shrugged my shoulders and asked, “What?”

            “Ray, have you lost your mind?”  Tammy asked, looking like she was stunned.

            “I think she has,” Ruby agreed, not taking her eyes off me. “Ray, you know Torian is head over heels for you. Don’t let that girl get to you.” She assured me, nodding her head in Arell’s direction. “Just worry about him.”

            “Rube, it’s okay. I think things will be fine the way they are.” I assumed as we moved up in line.

            Tammy nodded her head then turned to where her brother was. Spotting him she opened her mouth as wide as possible and called out, “Torian, Rayne wants to talk to you!”

            The moment she said my name his head snapped up in our direction. He then looked through everyone until his eyes rested on me. His face lit up instantly, and he practically threw Arell off his lap and started over to us. I covered my face, not ready for this. Knowing Torian, he would want to walk with me, instead of letting Andrew chauffer me around.

            I peeked at him through my fingers and dreaded him coming over to us, his eyes never leaving my face as he strolled over. I peeked at Arell too who was right on his heels in our direction. All I could think was if she started her crap I was going to get kicked out of this movie theater tonight. This will be the night she pushed me over the edge and I would have to put her in her place.


            When Torian reached us he wasted no time, “Ray, what are you doing here?” His face twisted up with envy as he looked Andrew up and down.

            Noticing the exchange I pulled away from Andrew, hoping he would not get angry with Torian. He matched Andrew in height, but was no match for him in body mass.

            “So this is why you have been avoiding me?” Torian asked, obviously upset. “If you wanted to date someone else why didn’t you just say that?” He asked another question, his voice raising a bit, his eyes never leaving Andrew’s.

            I snuck a peak at Andrew and he seemed a bit upset also. His face twisted up into a sneer and his fists balled up. I thought he was going to pounce on Ian so I slid from under his arm just in case.

            “No Ian, Andrew is my boyfriend,” Ruby said, walking over to us and linking her arm in Andrew’s. “Like I was telling Tammy I was sharing him for the night, but since you’re here,” Ruby insisted, pushing me in Ian’s direction, “You can have her.”

            Ian’s foul mood quickly faded. He then smiled down at me, taking me into his arms without another word said.

            I heard someone clear their throat, but did not turn around, knowing it was the annoying girl. “Ian what are you doing, I thought we were on a date?” she asked sarcastically.

                Risking a glance in her direction, the look on her face told me that she was trying to make me jealous. Not wanting to feed into her game I pulled away from him and said, “Okay.”

            Ian didn’t even look back at her he just pulled me closer so I couldn’t get loose.

                “So what movie are you guys seeing?” Ian asked hugging me close.

            “Ian?” Arell’s voice grew louder as she called him once more.

            “Arell please leave me alone. I told you we could be friends and that is it. So can you please keep it moving?” Ian asked nicely.

            “Ian you just said you wanted to go to the dance with me. Why are you acting like this now?” She asked, with that same sarcastic edge in her voice.

            “Arell please get over yourself. Grow the hell up. Go chat with your friends and get away from us.” Ruby complained, pulling Andrew further in line and gesturing for us to follow.

            “Oh I see how it’s going to be now Ruby.” She looked at me and Ian then focused her eyes on me. “To hell with all of you,” she spat then stomped off.

            “What movie are you guys seeing?” he whispered in my ear.

            “The Proposal,” I answered.

            “I was going to see ‘Year One’ but I’ll just walk in with you guys.” He explained as we proceeded in line.

            Finally reaching the teller, he took our tickets and handed them back to us.

            I hoped he would notice Ian’s ‘Year One’ ticket so he would have to go to the other theater but he didn’t. I groaned to myself as we walked into the theater. Talk about it being a longer night.






  The ride to the park was short and quiet. Torian and I did not say much to each other since we left the movie theaters. He opted out of the dinner the five of us had planned and decided to take me out alone.

            I was not in the mood for any alone time with him but Ruby, the master of convincing, urged me to go. So here I was, sitting with him in his car, having what he calls quality time.

            I must admit, as much as I did not want to be here, I was glad I was with him. No matter how rude or passive I was to Ian, he would always be a perfect gentleman. Even when I’d give him the evil eye or a non appreciative stare, he’d still smile at me like it didn’t faze him. I appreciated it though.





            There was so much about Torian that I truly liked and nothing so far that I did not. I felt special to know that he wanted me, exclusively. I just could not figure out why. So I had to find out.

            “Ian, can I ask you something?” I blurted out before I lost the nerve.

            “Sure,” he answered turning his head to look at me. He was leaning back in his chair, watching me with a genuine smile spread across his face.

            I bit my bottom lip and forced myself to spit the words out, “Why do you go through so much to…” I scrunched up my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders, “You know, to be bothered with me.”

            His smile faded instantly and he stared me in my face.

            I shied away from his glare, peeking at him out the corner of my eye, afraid that I might have upset him.

            He sat up in his chair and turned to face me, “I don’t even know what to say to you right now,” he shook his head in disbelief.

            “What?” I asked shrugging my shoulders once more. “I just don’t understand you,” I vented waving my arms slightly. “I’m not your typical girl Ian, with the blonde hair blue eyes.” I pointed out as tears built up in my eyes. “I’m the geeky friendless virgin that nobody wants to be around. I don’t know what you see in me. All your friends hate me; they talk about me behind my back. I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents did too. Nobody in your world approves of me, so why should you?” I asked as the tears spilt over and stained my face.

            He reached over and wiped the tears away, “Ray, you really need to stop all this. Why should something have to be wrong with me because I’m showing an interest in you? Your different, and?” he stated shrugging his own shoulders as he stared into my eyes. “What does that have to do with anything?”

            “You can have any girl you want Ian.” I tried to beat him in the head with the obvious.

            “What is your point? If you’re the one I want, why should it matter! If I’d rather be with you instead of some stuck up girl who needs more makeup, why is that such a big deal?” he asked angrily. “Why should I have to be stuck with a person who cares more about her looks than what really matters! I tried and it‘s hardly worth the effort.”

I felt like a complete fool for even making an attempt.

He looked away obviously angry with me. “I’ll tell you what I don’t get, what I don’t get is you. You talk like you would rather I dealt with those types instead of someone like you.”

            “Out of all the things you do that would make sense to me.” I replied risking a glance in his direction. His glare made me regret even bringing the entire argument up in the first place. “I’m sorry, your way doesn’t seem realistic to me. I’m just your average girl next door.” I cried looking down at the cup holders in between us. “I’ll never be good enough for you Ian.” or anyone else, I thought as I covered my face with my hands.

            “You have no idea what it’s like, having to be judged this way.” he pulled my hands from my face and cupped my chin in his hands, turning my face to look at him. “It’s like you’re forced into a life of hell and you have no choice but to be molded into the type of person they want you to be. Because in the eyes of the people who supposedly care about you, you’ll never be good enough if you don‘t.” he explained.

            I ducked my head unable to meet his eyes. I never knew what it was like for him. I never thought that, hey, maybe he had it worse than me. Maybe it was that bad that he had no choice but to want something other than what he was told he needed. The thought never really crossed my mind and now it had me thinking.

            “Ray, I hate it, with a passion.” his voice lowered a bit as he stared ahead, looking at nothing in particular. “It’s no fun trying to be your own person, when everyone else wants to choose for you.” he sucked in a lungful of air and covered his own face with his hands. “It makes you feel like crap.”

            I thought maybe he was about to cry, so I reached over and wrapped my arms around him. “Ian it’s okay.” I cooed, rubbing his shoulder. “Regardless of what you go through, you’re still your own person. Your still the sweetest guy I know with the biggest heart god could have given anyone.”

            He chuckled then wrapped his arms around me. “Then why isn’t that good enough for you miss?” he asked pulling his head back to look at me.

            I stared back at him, “It is, I just didn’t think I met any of your expectations.”

            “You meet them all Ray, and some. You are sweet, funny, smart, and quiet. You’re perfect for me” he noted, smiling at me. “Not to mention your drop dead gorgeous. That smile and those beautiful dimples drive me crazy.” he added pressing his lips up against mine gently.

            “Stop it with all that,” I whispered shyly, turning my head away.

            He laughed out loud as he pulled me back into his arms, “I’m serious Ray.” His hand cupped my chin once more as he stared into my eyes, “Ray I want you to be mine. There is no one else who has a hold on me like you do. I don’t think of any other girl but you. You have my attention, fully.”

             When I did not comment he continued, “You see, I got what I want Ray. You!” he said, pulling my face closer to his. “With you I don’t have to worry about how my hair looks or what I’m wearing. I can visit you in a pair of boxers and you would not care. Don’t you see Ray? You accept me for who I am, so what gives me the right not to do the same for you.”

            His words clung to my brain and I finally got it. Even though I was just the girl next door I was just as good as your average female, if not better.

            He closed the distance between us and placed his lips on mine. My heart almost burst out of my chest from the realization of the moment. He wanted me, truly.

I could not contain myself as I threw my arms around his neck and pulled his lips closer to mine. He smiled into our kiss and caressed my chin.

            “See? Now you get what I mean?” he asked looking into my eyes.

            I nodded my head, a smile creasing my lips.

            “So can you please be a little more open minded and less apprehensive? If I want to spend time with you don’t neglect me or push me away. I’m here for a reason, you know it now, so at least attempt to give us a try.” he pleaded with me. “I want to go to that dance next week and I want you at my side.”

            I smiled and looked away, blushing. He was getting to me. His words were like a breath of fresh air. Something I needed more than anything.

            “Okay,” I whispered, leaning back into my chair, savoring the moment.




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