Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 2
Sorani: Moms are so pushy! Ugh!

The day seemed to just fly by. Before I knew it I was at home in my bed, watching ‘Bringing Down The house’. My mom hadn’t come home yet so I was alone enjoying my peace. Though my mom never bugged me much, it just felt better to be in the house alone. The movie was almost over when I heard a loud bang hit my door. It scared the crap out of me as I rolled out of my bed onto the floor. The fear lasted only a split second, it was only from the bang. If it was a spirit, I would be fine. I was used to seeing them by now, so fear was out of the question.

            Walking over to my door I opened it slowly, peeking through the crack. It was a little boy, and he was so adorable. His hair was a bright blonde color and his eyes were blue. For some odd reason he looked like Torian, with a hint of my features in his face also. What the hell, I thought to myself. Why was there a child standing at my door? His smile lit up his whole face, the same way Torian’s did. He reached out to me and I picked him up, he couldn’t have been older than two.

It sure shocked me, he was so cute.

            His gurgled laugh made me laugh with him, as I tickled his little tummy. I was in awe, for I had never seen a child before. The spirits I’ve seen were either adults or teenagers. He must be a family member, I thought to myself, because they were the only ones I could touch, or could touch me.

But how?

            A key rattled in the door and I looked at the boy in my arms. I knew it was my mom and she most likely had groceries for me to help her bring inside the house. She walked through the door as I stared into the babies eyes, watching him fade away like a lost memory.

            “Sorani, can you come help me with these bags hon?” She yelled up the stairs to me, waiting in the doorway for me to come out my room. I walked out my doorway then headed to the staircase. Peeking over the banister and smiling at my mom. She smiled back waving her hand for me to come down, “Come on, I got you something special.”

            Happy as a kid on Christmas I flew down the stairs to see what my mom had gotten me. Within seconds I was in the doorway and my smile quickly faded. Torian was standing in the driveway helping my mom with the bags. My mouth turned up into a disapproving frown, and I suddenly wished my mother had not come home. I shot her a look that could kill, she knew me and Torian were history, but she liked him so much, she insisted that he still come around the house. She smiled apologetically; I guessed she was going to explain later.

            Torian walked past me and into the house with half the bags in his hands. I tried to suppress a smile but couldn’t, he was too funny. My mom walked up to me and said, “Good thing I ran into him at the grocery store, me and you would have had to make three trips a piece.” her smile made me laugh, she was also a free spirit that could brighten anybodies day. I just shook my head and walked to the car trying to grab as many bags as possible. It was hard beings that I was so weak, and the bags had juice in them. Deciding to do it the lazy way, I grabbed two juices and headed for the house.

            Just as I made it to the doorway, Torian slipped the heavy juices out of my hand and carried them effortlessly to the kitchen. I felt like a weak little kid, so I opted for putting the groceries away. My mom had already gotten started, so I just helped take the stuff out the bags while Torian went off to retrieve the rest from the car.

            When I noticed he was out of ear shot I asked my mom, “What do you think you are doing?” A bit too sternly.

            She looked towards the door checking to see if he could hear. When she was sure he couldn’t she whispered, “He’s so sweet honey, why don’t you just give him another chance.” She pleaded, poking out her bottom lip.” I’m sure you two can work out something.” she assured herself standing across the island in front of me.

            “I don’t think that’s such a good idea mom, we already talked about this in class today and we’ve decided to be friends.” I left out the part with the note, hoping he didn’t tell her himself.

            “But you two make such a cute couple, and you both complement each other in ways that’s beyond me,” she explained crumpling the bags together and tucking them in one. “He’s a perfect gentleman, unlike a lot of the knuckleheads running the streets now. I literally hated your sister’s boyfriends, but I actually like Torian honey.”

            “Regardless mom, you should have asked me first, you could have called me. You knew I was home,” I sighed wiping my hand over my face, “This whole thing is so weird and I hate feeling uncomfortable around him like this.” I explained ducking my head. The attempt for the guilt trip phased my mom none.

            She looked at the doorway hearing his footsteps and then changed the subject, “So Torian what are you doing this Friday?” she asked casually.

            Seeing that he was back I gazed off into space, and I wasn’t really paying attention to hear the catch in her voice.

            “Nothing special,” he answered, placing the rest of the bags on the counter beside me. I couldn’t help but look at him, standing there in his varsity jacket with his jersey underneath. He wore a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers. I looked away quickly, not wanting him to catch me staring at him. “Why do you ask Ms. Casner?”

            “Well Rayne happens to be doing nothing this Friday I was hoping you two could go out and have fun. She stays home all day and I never have the house to myself.”

            I heard her that time, so I looked up then, my mouth hanging open widely. I stared at her in shock and I couldn’t believe my ears. ‘Is she serious, because I think she is‘, I thought to myself. ‘Why was she doing this?’

            “That would be great,” he agreed looking in my direction. “I’d love to take Rayne out for dinner or something like that.”

            My mom clapped her hands together like a little school girl and turned to me. ” Doesn’t that sound nice honey?” she asked

            “Great.” I answered, not happy at all. Here I was trying to forget about this guy, and here my mom was, parading him around like a trophy I had to have.

            He laughed obviously hearing the reluctance in my answer then nudged me with his shoulder. “Come on, it‘ll be fun,” he pleaded softly, staring into my eyes. Then a genuine smile creased his lips as he added, “you can’t possibly hate me that much not to want to have a casual date with me.”

            I grimaced and they both laughed at me, “I don’t do dates,” I explained lightly, pretending to be occupied with reading the back of a box of cereal.

            “We could just go to the dance together, I mean if you want to. If you don’t go with me I’m not going at all. Arell is a pain and very annoying to be around, so I refuse to go with her.” he said pulling the box from my hands and staring into my face, awaiting my response.

            “You know what,” my mom insisted, looking as if she just came up with a brilliant idea, “You could go out to the movies, since everyone would be at the dance.”

            I just stared at her in disbelief; she was out of it, really. I had no intention on going out with him, but didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I had no idea what he even saw in me to begin with, let alone why he still wanted to be around me after I broke up with him.

            “I’m up for it,” he prided turning to face me completely now.

            Seeing that I was not going to win, I just nodded my head, “Okay Ian I’ll go , with you,” I gave up rolling my eyes, pouting like a little kid.

            He laughed at me. He thought I was so cute when I acted this way. He told me I looked like a little baby to be adored. Where it came from I had no idea, so I just never said anything when he would compliment me except thank you.

            “Okay,” he agreed, “With that said I’m going to leave, just in case you try to change your mind.” he added, walking over to my mom to give her a hug. “See you later Ms. Casner.”

            “Ian, how many times must I tell you to call me Vivian,” my mom said hugging him back.

            He laughed,” Okay, see you later Vivian,” he corrected letting her go, then turning to me. He opened his arms and pulled me into them, “I’ll see you tomorrow in school, right?’ he asked looking down at me.

            “I’ll be there,” I said flatly, still not up for the event that was soon to come.

            He smiled and said, “Okay I’ll see you then.” He kissed my forehead before letting me go and heading for the door.

            I watched him walk away and almost cursed my mom for this stunt. “Rayne, why don’t you be a doll and walk him to the door.” my mom offered my services, like she was cripple.

            Not wanting to start anything I began to walk to the door with him. He looked at me and smiled as I opened the front door to let him out. He stepped out but didn’t turn to leave he turned to face me instead.

            “Can I ask you something?” he asked, serious now.

            I walked out onto the porch so my mom could not hear and closed the door behind me, “Sure Ian, what is it?” I replied.

            “Why did you break up with me?” he asked seeming confused, “From how things were going between us, I thought we were great. I thought you liked me the way I like you. I’m just trying to figure out what I did wrong, so I can make this work.”

            I dropped my head and couldn’t meet his gaze, “It’s so hard to explain,” I whispered, “I couldn’t even tell you if I wanted to, and the bad part is, I do like you Ian. I just think you should put more effort into someone who’s worth it, I...” the words wouldn’t come out.

            He smiled then said, “I want to spend my time on someone who matters to me,” he explained, pulling me into his arms once more. Before I could protest he put his lips on mine. I started to push him away but didn’t, because I wanted him to kiss me. His hands rested at the base of my back and he pulled me closer to him. I couldn’t help but to kiss him back, his lips were so soft.

            When he pulled away, he stared into my eyes, “You do matter, and you are worth my time,” he said. Then added, “I want you, so I‘m not going to be able to help myself. You are so different from everyone I know, that is why you stick out so much. You intrigue me in a way that is not normal.” he laughed.

            I smiled, feeling weird, I wanted so bad to tell him, but fought the urge. I did not need to have him thinking I was crazy too, since I already confirmed it. “Torian, I’m trying to tell-”   

            He silenced me with his lips, giving me a couple of quick pecks, ”It’s okay,” he said releasing me and turning to leave, “I will see you in school tomorrow, hopefully you won’t write me another note,” he joked as he made it to his car.

            A smile creased the corners of my mouth, as he hopped into his car. When he started the engine, I placed my hand on the doorknob, waiting for him to pull off. He beeped his horn twice before pulling out of the driveway and driving off.

            I just shook my head and almost started crying. ‘What the hell am I going to do?’ I thought to myself. I did not want to hurt him, and I definitely didn’t want to lead him on. This was not going to end well, so I had to figure out a way to handle this dilemma. In the mean time I’d just have to play along.

            As bad as I didn’t want to, when I walked through the door, I headed straight for the kitchen to help my mom put everything up. As I walked in, my mom giggled proudly, obviously pleased with herself for playing match maker. I tried to smile back, but I couldn’t.

            She began to laugh and said, “Ray it is okay you know. If you are upset with me you can go to your room. I can handle this.” Her lips seemed to have had a permanent smile imprinted on them.

            I took that without another word said and headed to my room. Not wanting to be distracted, I cut my television and DVD player off. Then shut the blinds before climbing into my bed underneath the covers. I shook my head in disbelief; it was going to be a long night. To top things off, I was too angry to even sleep, let alone nap.

I was halfway there to not being as angry when my phone rang.

            Groaning loudly I reached over to the nightstand and hit the talk button. All the while hoping it wasn’t Torian.

            “Hello?” I answered as groggily as possible. Just in case it was him.

            “You sleep already?” Ruby asked a little too overly excited as usual.

            “No Rube, that’s just my strategy in case Ian calls.” I explained.

            She laughed in my ear then said, “Well I just called to see if you would want to go to the movies with me this Saturday. Andrew wants to go too so you can meet him if you’d like.” She offered, her voice still holding its humor.

            As bad as I wanted to say no, I answered, “Sure.”

            A sharp gasp escaped her lips and she giggled a little, “Wow Ray, you must really be sleepy. You never gave in that easy.”

            “To be honest I don’t have the fight in me right now. My mom just somehow pushed me back into Ian’s arms so now I have to find a new way out. Secondly, I’m excited about meeting my soon to be brother in law.” I confessed.

            “Okay Ray, in that case I will see you then. Meaning I’m hanging up now just in case you decide to change your mind. I love you. Bye!”

            All I heard was the dial tone.



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