Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 1
Sorani: Two weeks until summer!

                “Can you hurry up please!” I yelled out the passenger side window of my car.

            Ruby stuck her head through her window and yelled, “I’m coming out!”

            “Oh my God!” I exhaled loudly. This was an everyday routine with her. I had to leave ten minutes early from my house, just so we wouldn’t be late for school. She was my best friend and all but sometimes she made me sick. Like right now, no more like every morning. Its seemed like every day she took longer.

            Not knowing how long she was going to be I picked up my iPod and searched through it for something to listen to. Scrolling down the G’s, I landed on the Goo Goo Dolls, and clicked on their song “Iris”. The song played two times before she came outside.

            The front door to her house swung open. “Bye Momma!” she yelled into her house before closing the door. Her light auburn hair seemed to burn from the sun as she walked to my car. She was wearing a yellow shirt, dark blue fitted jeans and some yellow and white sneakers. The yellow looked gorgeous on her light brown complexion.

            Opening the car door Ruby said, ”Hello Chica.”

            “Hey! “ I replied flatly, she looked so happy. Lately she has been overly excited about everything. It was beyond weird now to the point where I just stopped asking what it was.

            She turned to look at me and smiled one of the hugest smiles ever, her full lips curving over her perfect set of teeth. Her pale green eyes smiling at me also. “It seems as if someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed again” she teased, playfully ruffling her hands in my hair.

            “No it seems someone woke up on the right side of the bed and is a little too happy for my liking.” I shot back playfully, starting the car. “You’d think you were on something by the way you’ve been acting lately.” I laughed aloud as I pulled out into the street and drove off.

            “Hmmm!” she placed her index finger on her chin and pretended to think about it then added, “Nope, none of that, I just have a reason to be happy.”  She stared off into the trees as I drove. She had a dreamy like look on her face as she continued thinking about whatever it was she was thinking.

            At that moment I decided to ask, “What exactly do you have to be happy about?”

            She chuckled, “I’m alive for one and for two schools will be out in less than two weeks Ray. Summertime!” she answered excitedly.

            I snorted, “Come on now Rube, I’m serious, I’m starting to feel out of our loop, like I’m missing something.”

            She bit her lip and tried not to smile, “I feel guilty to say what it really is,”  she confessed, “I mean, it’s not something  you can’t relate to, but I don’t want to upset you with it.”

            Now I was curious, “What do you mean by upset me?” I asked glancing from the road at her.

            She ducked her head and blushed, “I have a boyfriend.”

            I actually laughed at that one, “Is that it Rube, you thought I’d be angry with you because you have a boyfriend?” She just nodded her head yes not looking at me. I was doubled over in laughter as I turned into the parking lot of the store down the street from her house. Finding a spot to park we hopped out the car, as I was still laughing. My voice still held its humor as I spoke, “Rube, that would be so lesbian like for me to be upset with you if you had a boyfriend and even worse if I was jealous, that’s not a friend.” I thought it over playfully, and then added, “then again I am a little bit jealous, because you have a man and I don’t.”

            That time she laughed with me, walking through the doors, “I’m sorry Ray, it’s just that,” she seemed careful about her choice of words as she thought it over,” you know. It’s only been a couple of weeks since you and Torian broke up.” She looked at me to check my expression, seeing I was ok she continued. “And I just didn’t want you to think I was throwing it in your face boasting about it.”

            I nodded my head, thinking about Torian, “It’s okay Ruby, I’m way over that now. Torian is so old news I’m not even worried about him anymore.” She looked at me and smiled happily. “I mean yeah I did miss him the first day or whatever, but after that I was good. It wasn’t like we were in love or anything; he was just my boyfriend, nothing special.” I added nonchalantly.

            Her eyes seemed to light up even more, “Well in that case his name is Andrew,” she started as we walked down the soda and chip isle. “I like him a lot, and he’s a great guy. I couldn’t have asked for someone more special.” I grabbed a bag of Lay’s potato chips as she spoke, and smiled with her. “I mean he’s just so perfect, and he makes me feel so good about us, about everything. That’s why I’m always so happy. He’s like this all the time and his happy go lucky spirit just rub off on me.” She explained picking up a bag of chips as well.

            Heading for the fridge with cold soda we walked out of the isle and looked for something to drink, when we were interrupted by a rude snicker. I looked up first and wished I hadn’t.

            “ Hello to you too Arell.” I shot at her, layering my voice with as much sarcasm as possible. She was the one person I think I actually hated. Ever since we were kids, we never got along. Arell was the type of person you wouldn’t want as a friend. She’d be your friend one second then talk about you in the next. To make matters worse was the fact that she and Ruby were best friends before I moved out here ten years ago. That was one of the reasons she disliked me, because Ruby chose my honest friendship over hers that wasn’t so honest.

            Another snicker, “Hi Serani,” she spoke my name improperly and rolled her eyes sharply, turning to look at Ruby, “How have you been Ruby, I see you haven’t changed your mind about what we discussed.” She added darting her eyes to me, then away. Her quick glance made me feel uneasy. I didn’t like her and being around her only made me feel violent, because I knew she could push me to that point with her nonsense. To top it off, Torian was her junior high sweetheart and that just gave her more reason to hate me. She didn’t like the fact that I had taken two things from her, that’s how she put it.

            Ruby made no attempt to feed into her little game, her smile didn’t even fade, “Nope!” she exclaimed, grabbing two bottles of Seagram’s ginger ale for us, “I seem to have my priorities pretty straight at the moment, and I don‘t plan on changing them, but thanks for asking.” Ruby patted her shoulder, then walked around to me, looping her arm in mine, pulling me away gently.

            We walked up to the register in silence and Ruby pulled out her card before I could even reach for mine and paid for our stuff. On the way out the door Arell cut me a look so evil it made me jump. I shook my head and chuckled as we strolled back to my car, that girl was crazy. When we were safely in the car and headed to school I asked Ruby, “What was all that about?’

            Ruby opened her chips and popped one into her mouth, seeming hardly worried, “Last week she asked me if I wanted to hang out, with her and the rest of her cheerleaders.” she didn’t mean cheerleader cheerleaders, she meant  people who followed Arell around because she was a the most popular girl in school. The girl pretty much had fake friends all around her and wanted Ruby around, I guess to balance out all the fakeness.  Ruby was actually captain of the cheerleading squad.

            “What did you tell her?” I asked anxiously. To my surprise she stopped smiling and bit her lip, thinking of what to tell me.

            “I told her to go bite herself,” Ruby laughed out loud and I soon joined in, “Arell is a very self centered person and I need a free spirit like you as my best friend. Not a fake substitute that’s hardly durable.”  We continued to laugh as I drove down the long road to our school. “Your weird in a lot of ways,” she added playfully, “but it’s a good weird. I like your weirdness.”

            I couldn’t completely laugh with her on that one, because I was so weird in ways I didn’t even understand, ways that made me wonder if I was just plain crazy. It was hard to be normal around people at times when you could not tell who was real.

            “Thanks,” I mumbled softly, pulling into the parking lot, looking for a place to park. Finding our usual parking spot I pulled into it, changing the subject I asked, “So, what does this mystery guy you are so crazy about look like.”

            Her eyes instantly lit up at the mention of him, I made a mental note to bring him up whenever I needed to sway her in another direction. “He’s absolutely gorgeous,” she boasted her eyes gleaming with joy, “He’s very tall, maybe about 6’3 or 4. Medium brown skin, with the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. They actually look black their so dark. He has a very nice body, it’s fascinating.”

            The way she said it made me even more curious, “ How nice?’

            She laughed out loud grabbing her bag off the back seat, “ Wrestling body nice,” she said biting down on her lower lip.

            I laughed at her seeing she was in a trance, “Is he that huge?” I asked in amazement.

            She shook her head, “He’s more of a medium build, and he is big, but not that big. Sort of like,” She opened her door to get out of the car and contemplated what to say, “Randy Orton.”

            I got out of the car with her and nodded impressed, “I’m so jealous right now, seriously.”

            “Oh hush up,” she teased pushing my shoulder. “You’ll meet Mr. Right sooner or later. You just have to be patient.” she explained as we walked to the school’s front entrance, where there stood a small figure in the doorway waving at us.

            “Hi Sorani, hey Ruby!” Tammy waved from the steps. I suppressed a groan, Tammy was Torian’s little sister. I knew he couldn’t be far so I was going to try and make this as short as possible.

            “Hey Tam,” Ruby said giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

            “Hey!” was all I said. I wasn’t in the mood for her brother, not today. Although Torian and I were over, me and Tammy still hung out sometimes. She was a sweet girl and nice to talk to. I just wanted to steer clear of her brother in the process. It’s kind of hard not to think of him when I’m around her though, she’s could pass for his twin.

            “You guys going to the dance this Friday?” she asked, seeming overly excited.

            “I might, I have to see what Andrew’s doing.” Ruby explained

            “I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, because I don’t have a date,” I lied. Not about the fact that I didn’t have a date because I didn’t, I just wasn’t into that kind of stuff.

            “You could go with me, for old time sake,” a deep familiar voice said from behind me. I cringed at the sound of it. “I mean I don’t have a date either, and I wouldn’t mind going with you.”

            Ruby turned to hide her face, obviously trying to hide her smile.

            “Hey Torian,” I greeted him quietly.

            “I have to go get my um…“  Tammy muttered softly, her face then lit up. She grabbed Ruby’s arm, “my gym cloths out my locker.” and darted up the stairs with her, leaving the two of us alone.

            He laughed at his sister, knowing what she was doing, revealing his pearly whites. Those light blue eyes never leaving mine. Torian was your typical high school guy. He was cute, funny, a jock and pretty much every girl’s dream, with the blonde hair and blue eyes. He had one of the most gorgeous smiles ever and he wasn’t like other guys, he was actually a sweetheart. The only reason me and him wouldn’t work was mainly because I wasn’t good enough for him. He deserved someone sane, and someone who didn’t talk to people who didn’t exist.

            “Ray Are you avoiding me?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

            I looked away from him not able to meet his gaze, “Ian I’ve been real busy with finals and everything, I haven’t had time for anything else,” I lied again. When I went home it was watching television, reading a book or talking to Ruby. I pretty much had no life, but I wasn’t ashamed of it. I liked being by myself.

            “You know if you’re trying to let me down you could at least lie good enough to make me believe you.” he joked, heading for the door. The bell would be ringing soon.

            I followed feeling like a complete fool, “Ian I‘m sorry, I just-”

            “It is okay Ray, you don’t have to explain anything to me,” he said walking with me to class, “I think I get the hint.”

            I wanted to tell him that I liked him, just not enough to ruin him. I didn’t want to bring him any deeper into my world than I already have. Even though we weren’t on that level of connection, he was the first guy who showed interest in me, and not for all the wrong reasons either.

            “Are you going to the dance?” I asked hesitantly.

            He looked at me questioningly, but answered, “I was hoping to go with you,” my expression had him backtracking, “just as friends of course, but Arell asked me to go with her.” he explained, I said nothing, not wanting to give him the wrong idea. As much as I disliked Arell, I knew she’d be way better for him than me. I was a nut case. “She thinks we should try again.” he said doubtfully, “but I kind of wanted to try with someone else but she keeps running from me.”

            I pretended not to hear him as I went and sat down in my regular seat in our English class, while he took his and sat right behind me. Before class could start I pulled a piece of paper out of my binder and wrote a note on it. When I finished I handed it to him, it read:



                        I hope we can still be friends. You’re a great person,

                        and you deserve someone better than me. I have a lot

                        going on in my life right now and it’s too complicated

                        to explain. I don’t want that to get in the way of us. So

                        to keep you safe, I  will stay away from you. Besides

                        if I told you, you’d just change your mind anyway. And

                        yeah, it’s that bad. So please don’t write back. It’s for

                        the best. One day I might explain and you might

                        understand but for now I can’t. You’re the sweetest guy

                        I know so I will settle for just being your friend.                                                                                             



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