Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 56








The highs and lows of living life

Occur in sweeping loops

The ups and downs of everything

Are determined by the groups

Of numbers as they glide across

The digital display

In  rendering the parabolas

Of this game of life we play.


The winning runs of business

A sweet windfall of cash

Temptation to extend that deal

Beyond …is perhaps rash;

It may just tip the balance

Commence the start of the decline

And your parabolic plunge

Will make you shriek for help divine.


How you claw your way to solvency

How you sweat to make it right,

How you battle tax malignancy

And surmount official might.

The administrative penchants

Of administrative types

Who insist on crossing every “T”

And switching “OFF” the lights.


Having made it, you sit astride the top

And bask in shining light.

You cast off the cloak of caution,

Claim success as yours by right.

But by morning there’s a thunderstorm

A headache and a snag

And by lunch you’re outside on the street

Your belongings in a bag.


The ups and downs of life my friend

Are a parabolic coast

One day you’re sitting pretty

The next day you are toast.

The only consolation

Of this constant change of state

Is the reconstructive challenge

In re-determining your fate.


So gird yourself my beauty

Hitch your belt another notch

And launch yourself at living

Before you seek that midnight watch.

For tomorrow is a mystery

The possibilities are vast

And paradoxically speaking

The very best is usually last.
Mangere Bridge
20th July 2008


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