the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 53
sulfur lake

sulfur lake

standing below the stars
i saw His awesome creation
but as i looked into the water
unfolding revelation

i saw the dragon black and red
his fury pouring forth
yet as his fire licked my feet
i walked further from doth

i was walking into the sulphurous lake
that was made just for sinners
to rob them of their freedom
and punish all the losers

then i saw those that had fallen
their knees were scratched and bruised
but their eyes were filled with joy
when they had Jesus to choose

i saw the ex convicts
the murderers who knew no love
yet now they escape the sulfur
as a gift from heaven above

i spotted the begging man
who sat upon the street
he was no longer cold or hungry
when the savior did he meet

i saw the thief and drunkard
i witness the cruel men
but all of them were saved
as they had finally repent

the dragon stood before me
and smiled a charming smile
why don't play now pay later
you're just an innocent child

you should not worry about hell
commit all the sins you want
and at the end of your life
just repent and it is done

but no, God knows your heart
a hypocrite He knows full well
and surely the place for them
is but the burning hell

and heaven may be one reward
but God's love is all there is
that can fulfill a man's heart
nothing can compare to this

why those who discredit God
will end up coming to Him
because all the crimes and sins
were just our humanly whim

yet soon they will find out
that Jesus is the only way
to free them from the dragon
and bring them home today

i watched the night sky grow dim
for how can i bow down
before a God i sinned
yet refusal to come round

i knew it was so wrong
but sin was just too good
to release into the night sky
sin was now my food

without sin i would surely die
without the dragon i feel no pleasure
without the lake of sulfur no luck
without hell there is no treasure

yet there i stood at the sulfur lake
my heart was broken and weak
i saw my sinful nature
and the wrong things i seek

i call to God for strength
to show me the one right way
yet as He reveals so clearly
i still refuse to obey

and fun is great it's life i thought
then one day i paid the price
as i lay in my own grave
i lost the sacrifice

the cold heart of mine
the cruelty in my eyes
i cannot hear the helpless's
endless hurtful cries

i leaped around in wonder
and thought this is happiness
but soon i saw true joy
resided with the blameless

oh God i want you back
i don't want no fun no more
i'm old and weak and fragile
not as youthful as before

i want the love back
i want to be nice again
i want to end this sorrow
and finish this pain

too late i finally realised
the gift was given to me
but i refused to take it
i felt sin was better to be

and as i watched the sinners
and as i witnessed the sick
i wanted a clean heart
and escape from the sulfur lake

i don't want sin no more
no matter how much fun it'd bring
i know i've searching hard
for such a wrong thing

i know it's hard to give up
all the pleasures of this world
but heaven's a greater treasure
and God's love for a girl

He's given you the choice
so only you can choose to choose
for when eternity comes
all the earthly pleasures you'll lose


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