Challenge of the Tunnel
Author: marshalg

Chapter 1
The Victoria Park Tunnel.





















The peace in this seclusion

Of a tranquil park in green,

With stately trees of ancient years

And walkways in between

There's deep shade under foliage

With sunspots everywhere,

And a velvet sense of peacefulness

Pervading in the air.



Should you step beyond the grass,

Should you venture onto seal,

An abrupt and harsh transition

Manifests, as quite unreal!

There's a cacophony of engine noise,

The headlong rush of cars,

A kaleidoskope of steel and glass

And frantic men from Mars!


The grind of wasted hours

With inertia breeding dread

And putting up with maniac's

Running stop lights turning red.

There's a quagmire of congestion here

A head ache for the Tsar's

And for myriads of people

Who queue daily in their cars.


There's a White Knight in the future,

There's salvation in the air

For the God's of your deliverance

Will relieve you of despair.

They will forge a mighty tunnel

Deep beneath the grassy park

And divert congested traffic

Out beyond congestion's arc.


Melding with the motorway

Makin breathing space for all,

The Victoria Park Alliance

Guarantees their clarion call.

Energetic men and women

Who are planning round the clock,

Engineers and excavator's slave

To work without a stop.

Concrete slab and steel amass

To build the tunnel strong

And sleek attenuators

Keep the traffic flowing on.
















Salvation in the form

Of a tunnel underground

Beneath the spreading boughs

Of an oak in green surround,

Beneath the peaceful turf

Of a verdant park as planned,

Found amidst the million souls

Of Auckland, New Zealand.




Auckland City

New Zealand

6 November 2009



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