Wendy, Griffith and Olivia's Ribbon
Author: Rosie Jane<3

Chapter 3
The Caves Of West Land

Wendy opened her little blue eyes and all she saw was what she saw when she first arrived; Tall trees. But this time, she was moving. She yawned and fought to open her eyes wider. She was laying on Griffith’s back, grasping his white tufts of fur. Her head was facing the left, and she heard nothing but the birds cawing and Griffith’s footsteps, crunching leaves in each thump. She turned her head to the right to see if she could see the Sea. She looked up at the amazingly tall and steep wall of rock above her. There seemed to be small caves etched into the wall and they seemed very delicately carved or broken in. She wondered if the overly-mentioned Olivia had made these too.
“Are you awake Wendy?” asked Griffith in his loud yet tender voice.
“Yes, Griffith.” smiled Wendy. “But where are we?” she pulled her head to his ear as if his voice came from there.
“These are the Caves Of West Land.” said Griffith, still trumping along. “Many of the creatures that live on the Land live in the caves.” he turned his head to look at them and then faced forward again.
“Like what kinds of creatures?” asked Wendy nonchalantly, still staring at the caves.
“ There’s Lilluster Owls.” replied Griffith, pointing to a group of birds at the top of the wall.
“What are they?” asked Wendy, slight terror in her voice.
“ There giant owls. They glow when they eat Lilly Of The Valley flowers.” Wendy nodded and turned her head around to look at them again. Their big eyes followed her as her and Griffith walked slowly past. One was glowing and the others just looked like the owls at home, but much larger. She pulled herself slightly closer to Griffith’s back.
“Are we any closer to the Sea?” she asked.
“We are still a great way from the Sea, Wendy. We are on the South-East part of Land and there are still many miles of caves. We should soon be arriving at a pond.” said Griffith, lowering Wendy off his back. “Are you hungry Wendy?” he asked thoughtfully.
“Yes, I am.” replied Wendy, holding her thin stomach.
“There might be some Chapels over there.” said Griffith, raising a large finger to a north east direction.
“Chapels?” asked Wendy bewildered. “Churches?”she looked up at him.
“No...” said Griffith furrowing his brow. “They are a food...a fruit?” he paused and scratched his horn. “You call them Cherries...and apples? Olivia taught me things when I met her. She says that they are a combination of the two from your world.” he shrugged his shoulders and kept walking.
“They sound delicious.” said Wendy, licking her lips. She began to drift away from Griffith to find the strange berry-fruit.


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