Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 16
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

      "Oh, Elisha!" Jenna Perkins crooned. "Your necklace is so beautiful. Where did you get it?"
"Ask Mark Garwood," said Elisha, showing off her diamond necklace Mark, had given her, "he was the one that bought it for me."
"Oh," Jenna said, disappointed to find out who had given the necklace to Elisha.
Jenna, along with a few other girls thought Mark was hot. Girls often talked about Elisha behind her back by calling her gay, a bitch, and a stuck-up brat. Elisha didn't care since she was the one with Mark, not them.
  "Yeah, he bought it for me to remind me how much he thinks I'm beautiful." she continued on dreamily. "I think I'm in love!" She felt like the star of a Marilyn Monroe film. A lot of people often said she resembled her. All she needed to do was cut her hair, make it curly, and wear a white dress.
"Can I touch it?" Karyn Harrison, the extremely annoying girl from her gym class, asked. She was practically begging.
Elisha considered her request for a moment. "Well... okay. But try not to screw up my necklace."
As Karyn was probing her necklace, Courtney Hofstadter, one of her best friends, raised a brown eyebrow at her from across the hall. She was five-four, blond-haired, and had a tan that made her look slightly orange.
She obviously wanted to know why Elisha was talking to the strange girls.
"I'll be over in a minute, honey!" she called to Courtney. "Well, girls. I have to go."
"See you later!" Jenna and Karyn called.
"Maybe!" Elisha singed as she walked towards Courtney.
"Thank God I'm away from them." she said when she finally got to her. "I swear that goth girl has a huge lesbo crush on me."
"Yeah, especially Jenna." added Courtney. "She needs to get her head out of the clouds and stop thinking Mark doesn't love you."
"What!?" exclaimed Elisha. "She was talking about Mark not loving me?!"
"Well, no." Courtney said. "But it's pretty obvious she thinks so."
"Oh," Elisha nodded.
    She hated when people thought stuff about her that wasn't true. It was hard for her to make friends because so many girls made snap decisions about her. And who the hell was Jenna to say that Elisha didn't deserve Mark? She didn't see Jenna with anyone. Besides, Jenna was a poser anyway with her fake blond hair. Even her friend Carol Weinstein was unbearable. She didn't understand why Melissa Johnston even talked to them. She enjoyed being nice to people as much as the next guy, but Melissa was just taking it too far.
Speaking of the devil, she was right over by the water fountains talking to Holly and them.
  "There they are," Courtney pointed. "Hi, Holly!"
"Court!" Holly squealed, her sapphire-blue eyes lighting up with glee.
Courtney ran over to where Holly was and hugged her.
As Courtney and Holly were talking, Elisha sat down next to Mark, giving him a quick peck on the lips.
"Hey, cutie." Mark said, putting his arm around her. "Get a good night's rest?"
"Yeah." Elisha said breathlessly. "I dreamed of you."
"Oh..." Carter cooed sarcastically. "So sweet."
"You're just pissed because no one had any wet dreams of you." Andy said, taking a sip from his Gatorade bottle.
"When's the last time anyone had any wet dreams of you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at Andy.
"You got owned." Jamie told Andy.
   "Okay, guys." Elisha said, clasping her hands together. She thought what she was about to say was way more important than anyone else's sophomoric jokes. "Can you believe Maris last night? She called me in the middle of night asking me if we were inviting her to Holly's party."
"Ugh." sighed Holly. "She knows she is. However, if she keeps this up, she won't be invited to the party."
"Give her a break," Jen tried, perched on top of Andy's lap. "She's just going through a lot."
"Come on, Jen." chimed in Mark. "Even I'm getting tired of her."
Everyone else muttered in agreement.
   Elisha almost felt bad for Maris. It must have been horrible to be talked about and not even be there to defend herself.
"Leesh, you okay?" Andy asked. "You look kind of drowsy."
"Yeah, I had to watch my sister Delaney all night." she answered. "Since my two brothers weren't there to help me, I had to do it all by myself."
"What about Ellen?" asked Carter. "She's only a year younger than you."
"She was at a sleepover." Elisha said. "Besides she's not responsible like I am."
   She couldn't stand how she had to miss going over to Reese's house just to babysit her little sister. The whole time she was watching her, Delaney was bouncing off of the walls, screaming like a banshee.
"Hey, Elisha." Melissa Johnston, a honey-blond haired girl, said to her. "Aren't we having that convo today?"
"Yeah, that pep-rally." said Elisha. "We're supposed to."
   "What's it about?" asked Carter.
"It's for us freshmen and they're going to talk to us about the school year." Jen said matter-of-factly. "It should be exciting."
Courtney rolled her sky-blue eyes. She knew that her best friend Jen always got excited over everything.
Scratching her puglike nose, she turned to Elisha. "Tell me more about Maris."
"Well," Elisha began, glad to see that Courtney was the only one focused on her, "she was complaining about how she was so over Gigi, because she was being fake."
  "What a bitch." Melissa exclaimed, revealing her slightly-buck teeth. "Gigi has done nothing to her!"
Elisha smiled. Melissa and Gigi Linderman had been friends since the first grade and it always pissed Melissa off to hear someone talking about Gigi. Elisha knew the feeling. Whenever someone talked about Holly, Reese, Carter, Andy, Mark, Damien, Lucas, Maris, or Jamie in a negative way, she got extremely riled up.
   "Hi!" Maris piped, approaching them with her friend Palma Voorhees. "Sorry, I'm late. I was busy doing more important stuff."
Elisha frowned. What was more important than hanging out with her good friends?  Maris had on white short-shorts and a green polo from Abercrombie & Fitch. Her hair was up in a high-ponytail, making her slightly more attractive than before. Her zits were still visible, however.
 "Well, look at you acting all diva on us." Elisha said coolly. "You're excused, Palma, since you're new."
"Um, thanks?" Palma said confusedly, sitting down next to Andy who couldn't take his eyes off of her breasts.
"Here," Holly said, reaching into her backpack. "Try some Proactive." She handed the zit cream to Maris.
Everyone, but Lucas, Maris, and Carter, snickered at Holly's rude remark.
"I think Danielle, needs it more than I do." Maris shot back, knowing how defensive Holly was over her softball playing friend.
"You know how Danielle is sensitive over her skin!" snapped Elisha. "Besides, it's genetic."
"Yeah, she sees a dermatologist anyway." added Courtney.
  Their friend, Danielle, was a cute girl, but her skin was pinkish and she had a lot of blemishes on her face. It was rude for someone like Maris to make comments about it.
"Anyways, I have Algebra 1 first period." Elisha said, waiting to see if anyone had the same period as her.
"Oh, that sucks." said Carter. "Holly and I have that seventh period."
  Elisha was disappointed at the announcement. She was really looking forward to having Algebra with either Carter or Holly. She hated being separated from her friends. Things like this was what really got her going. Trying to cope, she twirled the charm on her diamond necklace.
She remembered when she was five years old, attending Mr. Fun's Child Care Center for the first time. Every child there seemed to have been having a great time. All but her.
She was lonely and she couldn't believe that her mom had just dropped her off at a strange place. Just when she was about to cry, Holly came bouncing towards her in pigtails and a blue  dress with the hem that puffed up whenever she spun around in it.
  "Hi, you're pretty!" Holly said to her, her grinning face exposing her missing tooth in the front.
"Hi, you're pretty, too!" Elisha said excitedly.
"You wanna play house?" Holly asked.
And from then on, they have been inseparable ever since.
A tear formed in her eye.
"You okay?" Mark asked, pulling her closer into his arms.
"Yes," Elisha faltered. "I'm fine. It's just dust in my eyes, that's all."
But deep down inside, she knew that that wasn't it. Mark touched the charm of her bracelet, causing it to make a quiet, melodious pinging sound. He smiled warmly at her, wiping the tear away from her eye with his thumb. She looked down at her new necklace, which was also her new friend.


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