Author: Kylie Welch

Chapter 9

Jesus, just the name is enough. But behind the name is a man.
Someone who came from Heaven itself, to become one of us, walking hand in hand. He knows every sin that’s under the sun, but never did he partake,
of any evil of any kind, he chose by Gods grace to abstain.
So here is a man, who was mighty in spirit, led by God himself,
But he didn't come for fame or riches, he came to help all of those with doubts.
He not only told the kings to repent, but healed the sick and lame,
and because of the great miracles he did, he was greeted because of his fame.
If we had our way, we'd have proclaimed him king, and given him an earthly throne, But due to God's will, he was crucified, a mystery that was unknown.
Because of his power, he could have said no, to the cross on Calvary’s Hill,
But he chose to obey, the will of God, even to death - just for you.
He went into hell to proclaim what he'd done, and got all of the keys there too.
So he holds them now, over all of our lives, Only he can show you what to do.
On the third day he rose again, out of his earthly tomb -
but not only was this an amazing thing, he'd beaten satan too -
He'd taken away any power, that the enemy may have had -
and through the blood he shed for us - victory is in his hands.
Here's the good news, for you and I - not everyone can say it's theirs.
But if you believe that Jesus is real, and that God raised him from his grave -
We call on his name and he comes to our aid - he's never far away.
We have his authority when we use his name - to tell stinky demons to fly!
We have power over sin, and we can call on his heavenly power.
The two major weapons for this fight on earth, is his name and a heartfelt prayer.
We have all of heaven available to us - to fight the battles ahead.
You will soon find out that it is true when it says in his Word -
that you as you were - you are dead. You will soon find out that your thoughts will change, you'll start to feel like praying.


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