Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 170
The Witch in the Ditch










Whilst grovelling in gravel beds

In ditches deep and narrow,

I spied an apparition there

That caused my flesh to harrow.


For in that deep and darkened place

Whilst laying pipes of stone,

I came upon a talent rare

Which caused reason to atone.


My rationale revolted

For it is true to say,

That the witnessed, witchlike things I saw

Haunt me to this very day.


For, in laying pipes there is a seal,

A rounded rubber ring,

Which requires a skilled contortionist

To apply the blasted thing.


And once applied, the magic trick,

As hard as you may deem,

Is to to slip the pipes together

To make a perfect airtight seam.


For the airtight seal is critical

Without it, I confess

A failed Council inspection

Means the whole weeks work's.. A mess!


Laugh you might in humour

But of this I guarantee,

That many drainlayer suicides

Lie in job futility.


But here is where the witchcraft is

This dark skinned mate of mine,

He SENSES when the seal is good,

He picks it every time.


Uncanny in his judgement

He locks in for the kill,

This fellow cocks his head aside

And just KNOWS!! Such is his skill.


Witchcraft in the trenches

By any other name,

Is superstition's nightmare

And my mate, Levi's, claim to fame.




@the side of Levi, (The Witch in the Ditch).

M.H.X. Orpheous Drive

12 October 2009



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