Author: Kylie Welch

Chapter 1

I think that as a child, God was chasing me,
Wanting me to know him and have life eternally,
He let me meet some people, who loved his life within,
But I didn't allow him to touch my heart, I didn't let him in.
As I grew up, my life went from good to bad,
Then when I turned 20, it's the worst time I had.
The Lord's enemies took the joy of life from me.
So I went looking for my Lord but found myself deceived.
New Age and Psychics were thrown in my path,
Little did I know that it stirred up God's wrath.
So there I was, lost lonely and confused.
Talking to God's enemy, not knowing what to do.
I thought it was God but little did I know,
That nothing satan does allows good fruit to grow.
When I finally realised that I was not on God's track.
I submitted myself in humbleness and asked for my life back.
I pleaded for forgiveness and when it was granted.
Things started to improve, my real life had started.
He loves me you see, so He came to my aid.
He picked me up and brushed me off and walked with me that day.
And ever since then, I've changed from within.
He's let me be the person I was to begin.
He's revealed in me the truth of how life should be lived.
He's opened my eyes anew, not living as I did.
He let me touch his heart, and I let him touch mine,
I look for him as silver, a precious thing to find.
My new life has just started and I know I’ll win this race,
Because with Jesus at my side, all things I can face.
So if you're feeling lonely, lost or confused,
You have a friend called Jesus, He will always see us through.


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