Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 168
Lest We Forget



















Lest we forget our parentage

Those soldiers of the past,

Who's lives were torn asunder

By the mayhem of the blast.

Who's hearts were so affected

By disruption in their time,

By the bloody gore of warfare

Be it theirs or be it mine.


We now have lived a generation.

We have survived to senior years,

You'd think the lessons in keeping peace

Would sing loudly in our ears;

But the world is marred with slaughter

People dying as we speak,

In Tibet, Iraq and Palestine

They are bleeding in the street.

Afghanistan Is reeling,

Proud Chechens are afraid,

And the global arms providers

Are stratospherically well paid.


War is now big business

It's a legal Government trade

Where positions of expediency

Pave the highway to the grave.

Armaments mean money spent

In technology research,

For employment in industry

And enhancement of the church.

It's political patriotism's

Pompous portrayal

Of our sacrificed youth's

Pointless war death betrayal.


Man's penchant to kill

Inescapably clear

When you track his performance

Through year after year.

From the Emperor Caesar's

Wide blood soaked sword,

To Pol Pot's Killing Field

Victim's skull hoard.

In Hitler's holocaust

Millions were slain

To Vietnam's napalm bomb's

Flesh searing shame.


Does it all come down

To a simple game,

That  friendship's are made

Over time and with pain.

Whilst an enemy's forged

In an instant timed,

With a careless remark

Or an action maligned.

Add a measure of ego 

And greed or excess,

And the formula's  set

For a monstrous process.


Atomic nations

Hold the high ground,

They write the rules

And enforce pound for pound

Across the globe their threat is real,

Transgress and you

Will taste their steel.


Lest We forget

Is a well meaning phrase

That, with the best of intentions,

Man has simply erased.

Since the Second World War

It is abundantly clear

That with memory's loss

Deadly mankind is here.




Mangere Bridge

20 September 2009



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