Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 15
The Littlest Things

  "God, Kayla!" Holly snapped at her sister. "Must you chew like a cow at the dinner table?"
"Must you be a bitch?" retorted Kayla.
"Hey!" their mother, a forty-two year old version of Holly, said to Kayla. "You watch your mouth, young lady."
"Sorry." Kayla muttered.
Holly and her younger brother, Elliott, snickered.
"Alright," Robert, their father, said, "Can we please eat like a normal family?"
"Well, of course we can, daddy." Holly said angelically.
"That's my girl." he said, winking at her.
Holly knew how to butter her parents up, and referring to them as "Mommy" and "Daddy" always helped her get her way. She hardly ever got into any trouble.
 She reached into her pocket to pull out her cell phone to check her new text messages. One of them was from her friend Gigi Linderman complaining about how Maris Fields was being a total bitch. Holly figured that as much. For the past two months, Maris had been working on everyone's nerves.
"Holly, no texting at the dinner table." Lauren said sternly.
"Why?" Holly asked blandly.
"Cause it's rude, now put it in your pocket."
"Okay, sorry."
 This family bonding time was getting nowhere with anyone. It was usually always the same. Holly and Kayla always argued, Elliott was always making smart-ass remarks, Robert was always trying to make the family like The Brady Bunch, and Lauren was always scolding Kayla for something. The last part was one of the things Holly enjoyed to witness.
"May I be excused?" she asked. "I had enough to eat."

"Sure." Robert said, cutting his steak.

"Where are you going?" asked Lauren.

"Upstairs." answered Holly.

"Can you be more specific?" Lauren said.

"I'm going to call Peter." Holly said, slightly irritated at her mom's interrogation.

She loved her mom dearly, but sometimes she hated it when her mom tried to get too involved with her life. Even though her mom was like her best friend, she needed a little bit of space sometimes.

 Holly flopped onto her bed and dialed Peter's number while laying on her stomach. He hadn't talked to her all weekend and it was beginning to annoy her. Flipping her dark hair away from her face, she put the phone to her ear and listened intently to the dial tone. No sooner than she had dialed, the line went straight to voice mail.

"Are you fucking serious?" she said to herself.

Holly mouthed the words to his voice mail nastily as the recorded voice of Peter went on.

"Hey, this is Peter. Sorry I'm not here to talk to you right now, but leave me a message, and I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Bye."

"Fuck you!" she screamed,  slamming the phone down onto the receiver.

 What could he have possibly been doing for him to ignore her call? He always had his cell phone with him, so something was up.

 Was it something I did? Holly wondered. Or said?

It couldn't have been. She had been giving him her undivided attention. So it was him, not her. But she just didn't know why he had been acting so aloof around her. Yawning, she grabbed her pajamas from underneath her pillow, and changed into them. It was only eight-o'clock, but all this stress from Peter's assholery was making her fatigue. Crawling underneath her soft, warm comfortable, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

 The next morning, Holly walked through the hallways of Paramount looking agitated. She saw one of her good friends, Damien Marshall, talking to Jamie by his locker.

"Damien, I need to talk to you." she said.

"What's wrong?" asked Jamie.

"'Peeeee-teeerrrr!" she said as if she were talking to a retarded person rather than Jamie.

"Oh, okay." Jamie said, revealing the cute, small gap between her two front teeth.

"I'll see you, Damien!" she said in her bright, high-pitched voice.

She bounced down the hallways, her straight, dark-brown hair cascading down her back.

"So, what's up with Peter?" asked Damien, looking concerned.

"It's everything!" distressed Holly. "I've called him last night, but he never answered! I haven't talked to him since Friday and it's driving me nuts!"

"Holly, it's okay." Damien soothed, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Guys are like that. He was probably bored or busy doing something else."

That could have been a possibility, but Peter almost always answered his calls. Holly didn't understand why Peter was acting all weird on her. Couldn't he see that she was the Don Corleone of her circle of friends? She was Holly Drake after all. Sure Elisha may win in the looks department, but Holly was more appraised by her wits and charisma. And she didn't even think she was popular like the whole Class of 2012 did.

"Maybe he died?" Andy's voice said from behind her.

"Dude!" she emphasized. "How long have you been standing there?!"

"Not long," he said, stretching his arms to offer her his embrace.

Andy had a soft, warm, comfortable feeling about him. It was like he was a human-pillow. She took in his inviting arms and inhaled his fresh scent.

"Why are you wearing a sweatshirt when it's still summertime?"  Damien asked, pointing at his white Paramount Varsity Soccer sweatshirt.

"It's August-summertime." Andy said simply. "And I'm the only freshman who made the varsity team. I want to show the other guys that I'm the best."

"You do know that Mark also made varsity, right?" asked Holly, raising her eyebrow.

"Seriously?" Andy said with disenchantment. 

Both Holly and Damien nodded simultaneously.

"Move it, fatso!" Dexter Kirkpatrick said to Ginny George, a tall, model-like girl in a black-and-white pindress, wearing four inch heels. Her jet-black hair was tied into a bun, making her look like a glam girl.

Andy thought she was cute, but she wore to many weird and gaudy clothes. The outfit she had on was the most normal in her wardrobe.

Without giving Dexter any warning, he pulled out his blue-and-white yoyo out of his pocket, stretched the string with his left hand, releasing the base of the yoyo with his right hand, allowing it to clock Dexter in the back.

"Ow!" Dexter cried out in pain. "Ow!"

Ginny and her best friend P.J. Lombardi laughed as they watched poor Dexter act as if he were an old woman having back pains.

"Andy, I'm not gonna lie, you went a little too far this time." admitted Holly.

"Yeah, that had to hurt him." agreed Damien.

"I'm gonna get you cocksucker!" Dexter threatened Andy.

"'I'm gonna get you cocksucker!'" Andy mocked.

"Let's just go somewhere else." Holly suggested.

She really needed someone to talk to, and watching Andy bully Dexter was really losing it's charm.

"Let's meet up with our friends." said Damien. And with that, he took Holly by the arm and led her and Andy over to the corner where the rest of their friends were sitting at.

"D.M.!" Lucas greeted Damien, exaggerating his voice to sound deeper than it actually was.

"Hey, Lu." replied Damien, high-fiving him.

Holly sat down next to Carter, leaning her head into his chest.

"I love mornings." she said.

"Me too." laughed Carter, rubbing her shoulders. "Early bird always gets the worm."

"What time is it anyway?" asked Jamie.

"Seven twenty-five." Hugh Kersey, a tall, less attractive version of Carter, said. He had light-brown hair and brown eyes. Only reason why he was considered cool was because he was genetically linked to Carter. He was lucky they were even close-cousins. No one in their group cared, though. They never seemed to talk about their statuses. It was as if it were some top-secret that couldn't get out or else bad things would happen to them. They knew what people thought of them, but they didn't care. They never cared. And that was just the way it was.

"So, how was your night?" Jen Nguyen asked, running her manicured fingertips through her sleek, shiny, black hair. She had on a tight, yellow, Hollister t-shirt that complimented her ample breasts and jean shorts. She was unintentionally giving all of the boys a show.

"Well, it was amazing, my lovely angel." acclaimed Holly, facing the Asian beauty.

Every girl in the grade envied Jen since she was so beautiful. No girl even came close to topping Jen's looks.  For some reason, Jen always enjoyed talking to boys more than girls.

Holly figured it was because girls were usually catty around her. But she could talk to Holly and her other girl friends. They weren't the bitchy, jealous type like those Nicole Lyon and Kimmie Tankersley sluts (that Andy and Carter seemed to have fancied) were. She didn't know them all that well, but they always seemed so full of themselves even though no one gave a rats ass about them. Nicole even tried to spread rumors about Davey Smith being a shit-talker all because he rejected her nearly-anorexic ass. They all knew she was lying since everyone knew that Davey was the most nicest guy in the world.

And hottest.

She always thought that any girl who was related to him was the luckiest person in the world.

"Hey, Jen, come sit on my lap." Andy accorded.

Jen smiled and slid over next to Andy, lifting herself off of the ground, settling herself onto his lap.

"Now it's a party." he said, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Where's Maris?" Jamie asked wonderingly.

"Who cares?" Holly said apathetically. "She's probably offering free blowjobs in the janitor's closet."

They all looked at Holly taken-aback. They were shocked to hear her talk so nastily about Maris, but it was understandable. Maris had been bitching and moaning about everything. Holly was tired of saying, "No, Mare, you don't look like a middle-aged woman on Meth. No, Mare, your hair looks fine. Well, of course Lucas likes you, Mare!". It was very frustrating.

"I don't see why I have to be in special-ed." Carter said matter-of-factly. "I'm not stupid."

"The class that they put you in is not special-ed." reassured Jen. "It's a resource class designed to help students who learn slower than others so that they can go off to a decent college."

"Well, I have a 2.5 average." he said. "It's not horrible like Dexter's GPA, which is probably a point one."

Everyone laughed.

"Touche." agreed Jen.

 Holly smiled at all of her friends. She was no longer worried about "what's-his-face". Her friends always cheered her up whenever she felt deflated. She realized that she shouldn't worry about trivial things unlike someone she knew. There were more important things in life than to worry about some asshole who wouldn't even return her calls.

"Hi, Holly!" Jenna Perkins, a blond, Stephanie Dice wannabe, yelled from across the hall.

She was with her friend Carol Weinstein, who was also waving frantically at her.

Holly smiled at them. She knew Carol since elementary school. Although they hadn't talked since the seventh grade, it was nice to see an old friend. And Jenna was friends with Melissa Johnston, who was also good friends with Holly and her friendship circle.

Funny how everyone seemed so eager whenever Holly appeared right in front of their eyes. It seemed as if every girl wanted to be her best friend.

And they did.


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