True Memoirs of A Liar 2: Sacrifice
Author: C Lawson

Chapter 44
Kiss Confusion

I groaned and rolled over in my bed, letting sleep pull me under the quiet sea of unconsciousness.  I barely felt the end of the mattress dip down beneath the weight of something.  Fingers brushed back a heavy lock of my hair away from my face.  I sighed contently.

            Then, there was an arm supporting the right side of my face.  I was lying on my back with the comforter contorted and twisted around various parts of my body.  I felt warm breath on my face, now.  I inhaled slowly—the breath was minty—and let out an airy sigh.  My eyes remained peacefully closed; everything was so still that I could’ve been dead.  My mind was shut down, readying itself for sleep.  It was then that lips pressed against mine softly, hesitantly.  The kiss was merely exploratory, testing to see what would happen, what I would do.  I responded to the kiss and wrapped my arms around the broad, smooth neck that hovered over me.  The kiss deepened as I became more and more awake.  My hands wandered up to the hairline; I expected to find soft and wavy hair—Alex’s hair.  But instead, my fingers discovered smooth, straight, and short hair.  My hands froze as did my lips.  That was not Alex.

            The lips that were kissing me did not like me shifting into unresponsive mode.  They forced my mouth open and pressed harder against my own lips, trying furiously to get me to react.  Instead of resuming the kiss, I opened my eyes and saw Dillian’s handsome face.

            I screamed out of surprise and Dillian’s eyes flew open as well.  He looked as taken aback as I felt.  He slowly pulled his lips away from mine.  There was no word to describe the emotion that coursed through my veins; so powerful it made my body hum.  I allowed my arms to drop from around Dillian’s neck.

            “Get out of my bed,” I growled through clenched teeth.  Dillian did as I asked, but he did so in slow motion.  He moved cautiously, as if I would shoot him at any moment.  I might have.  I should have.  I had a .99mm under my pillow; I always had to be prepared.

            “Camille—” he started in a beseeching voice.

            “Give me a minute, please,” I requested, my teeth still clamped together.  I took deep breaths, attempting in vain to calm myself.  How dare he just come gallivanting into my room and kiss me?  Kiss me!  I got out of my bed just as slowly as Dillian had—maybe slower.

            I stood in front of him, only a foot away, and curled my hands into fists when I felt them shaking.   I could barely open my mouth.  I tried to speak, but only air came out.  I pushed harder, trying again.

            “What—” I was interrupted this time.

            “Before you start screaming at me, I want you to know that,” he paused, raising his hands a little bit, and a slow smile spreading across his face, “you kissed me back.” And then he took off at a sprint, knowing that I would want to pound his face in for saying something like that.  I ran after him until he reached the door and burst out into the hallway, slamming the door behind him.  I listened to his laughter, infuriated, until it died away.  I let out another scream and then flung my door open, stomping out into the hallway. 

            I didn’t care that I still technically wasn’t supposed to see Alex.  I didn’t need a goon.  I didn’t want a goon.  I just wanted to see Alex.  I knocked on the large, brown door that was only two rooms down from mine.  Thinking that I’d given him a fair warning, I walked inside.

            My mouth dropped.  I felt my whole body go numb as I saw Alex leaning forward towards Delilah.  His head swiveled at the sound of my gasp.  Maybe I hadn’t knocked loudly enough.  I couldn’t move.  My body always went into this kind of shock.  First, it was the ice cube imitation, then, it was the running instinct.  Delilah reluctantly turned to look at me as well, the lazy smile on her face vanishing.  Alex and Delilah both had papers of some kind strewn across their laps and across the floor.  There seemed to be a few photographs in the mess of documents.  But my attention didn’t lay there too long.

            Alex jumped up from the couch at the same time that my feet decided to backtrack.  He rushed to me, taking my arms.  I looked past him to Delilah; she seemed innocuous enough, now that she’d wiped the tears from her face.  Why had she been crying?

            “Camille,” Alex called, shaking me lightly.  I let my eyes drift back to his face.  His handsome, strong face.  Tears blurred my vision; all the stress was catching up to me, like getting poked from behind by The Flash in a game of tag.  I was tongue-tied, my thoughts combining with my feelings in a frustrating mixture. “Camille, it’s not what it looks like.” I almost laughed out loud; it would have been funny if my heart wasn’t breaking.  I removed my arms from his hold gingerly, feeling vulnerable and breakable.

            “Come on, Alex.  You can do better than that.” I gave him a defeated smile and waggled my fingers at Delilah in a friendly gesture. “It was nice seeing you, Delilah.” She nodded to me politely. “I’ll just, uh, see myself out.  And….” I couldn’t continue, my voice had died out.  I pulled myself together after a few agonizing moments of watching Alex’s growing anger.  I didn’t know who he was angry with, but I didn’t want to stick around to find out. “Bye, Alex.  I’ll talk to you later.” Then, as quickly as I could manage, I paced away from Alex’s room.


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