True Memoirs of A Liar 2: Sacrifice
Author: C Lawson

Chapter 41

The day after Alex's "incident", he was up and about and feeling much better.  Lena was attached to his side all morning; they laughed and mock-argued throughout the sunrise hours.  Until, of course, Alex mentioned that he was hungry.  I was certain that Mr. Stone would try to get back at us somehow, now that we were together.  It was something big.  Alex and I walked into the mess hall, hand in hand, all eyes on us. Mr. Stone ate his meal as if nothing was wrong. Alex pulled out my chair for me, waiting patiently for me to sit, to answer his silent question: Are you with me on this? I looked into his eyes, a doubtful expression surely on my face. I was trying to convey the message “maybe we shouldn’t be doing this”. Alex smiled a snake charmer’s smile and shook his head. He kissed my cheek and whispered, “You and your second thoughts.” He nudged the chair lightly against the back of my calves. I sat down gingerly, biting my lip.

            I watched with tense eyes as he gently commanded his chair be brought over by mine. Mr. Stone continued to eat his meal with utter nonchalance. As Alex had his plate moved along with his chair, the servants and goons stared. Alex sat and dug into his food.

            “You’re seriously able to eat?” I asked, slightly appalled. Before putting a forkful of steak to his lips, he nodded happily.

            “Wasted food is wasted effort.” I turned my head to look over the rest of the mess hall. Lena saw that I wasn’t eating, so she sat, a hungry look on her face, observing me. I nodded to her, emphasizing the way I lifted my fork and knife. She smiled happily and began to eat as well, urging her friends to do the same. Alex watched me for a moment, nodding in approval as I brought a piece of steak to my mouth.

            “For Lena,” I clarified as I chewed.

            “For whatever reason, I’m glad you’re eating. Staying together, right?” Alex asked in a hushed voice. I smiled in response.

            “Yep. Sorry. You’re stuck with me.” Alex made a silly face at me and I tried not to laugh.  The meal seemed to drag along, with Alex making friendly, casual conversation, and with Mr. Stone eating robotically, looking out over the rest of the mess hall. I was nearly done with my meal, very nearly finished, when the mess hall door swung open quickly.  A goon stood there, holding the door open for two figures holding hands.  Everyone turned to look at the two newcomers because it was punishable to be late for lunch.

            A young man and a young woman strode easily from the shadows, both with smug expressions on their faces. I watched them with an unsettling feeling in my stomach.  Immediately, the boy made eye contact with me.  I held his stare; his dark green eyes seemed to zone in on my face.  He had black hair, cropped short, but it looked smooth, touchable.  His face was rather angular, like he could become harsh at any second.  He looked dangerous.  He smiled charmingly.  Mr. Stone stood and walked around to stand next to me.  He gripped my shoulder fiercely.  It hurt.  I made sure not to let any pain show on my face.  I felt Alex tense next to me, wanting to hurt Mr. Stone.  I ghosted my fingertips over the back of his hand to stop him.

            My eyes drifted to the girl.  She was pretty, but in a distinctly subtle way.  Her black hair tumbled over her shoulders in silky ringlets.  Her eyes were a penetrating blue and her lips seemed to have been painted on, perfectly pouted and rounded that I could only imagine her smile.  Her eyelashes swept down to veil her eyes in a coy manner.  My stomach dropped as I felt the first pang of insecurity I’d felt in a very long time.

            “This is Delilah Everly.  And this is Dillan Everly.  Dillan, Delilah, this is Faith and Christian.” I shook my head.  Mr. Stone was so not going to control my life.  I refused to allow him any dominance whatsoever.  Not after all I’d been through.

            “Camille,” I corrected, extending my hand to Delilah then to Dillan.  They both gave surprised looks to Mr. Stone.  Oh, that’s right.  They haven’t lived here with us.  They didn’t know that I had no respect for Edward. Oops.  Dillan’s eyes gleamed when he turned back to me.  Mr. Stone tried to sit me down by increasing the force on which he applied to my shoulder.  I simply shrugged out of his hold and walked indifferently past him, giving my pleasantries to Dillan and Delilah.  I knew who they were. I remembered my…father’s…story.  The relation was still hard to even think of.

            I didn’t look back.  But I heard footsteps hurrying to catch up to me.  I assumed it was Alex.  I was wrong. “Do you mind if I accompany you back to your room?” Dillan asked, striding next to me with ease.

            “Look, I’m sure you’re not as evil as some other people I’ve met—”

            “Thank you.  I think.”

            I continued as if he hadn’t interrupted. “But I’m not an idiot.”

            “I don’t recall myself saying such a thing.”

            “And I know why you’re here, why your sister is here, and why you want to walk to my room.”

            “Which I am doing, by the way—”

            “Do you always talk so much?” I asked directly, crossing my arms and picking up my pace.

            “Do you?”

            Yeah, this was going to be fun.


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