The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter -1
Pictures of Characters...

Cara (15 years old, light brown hair, brown gold eyes)

Riley (Cara's secret crush, popular boy, 15 years old, dirty blonde hair, lite blue eyes)

Adriane (Cara's best friend, 15 years old, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes)


Roxanne (Cara's best friend, Brady's twin, 15 years old, choc. brown hair, green eyes)

(im not gonna find a pic for brady cuz they are twins and look so much alike. they both have the same color hair and same color eyes. brady's hair is longish and he is popular, unlike roxanne)

Ashlee (popular girl, 15 years old, slut, bleach blonde hair, blue eyes)

(imagine her eyes are bright blue in the pic)

Callie (popular girl, 15 years old, blonde hair, brown eyes)

Jodie (popular girl, 15 years old, brown wavy hair, green eyes)

Carter (Roxanne's crush, popular boy, 15 years old, brown hair, blue eyes)

Logan (popular boy, 15 years old, lite brown hair, brown eyes)

William (popular boy, 15 years old, black hair, blue eyes)

Lucy (annoying "friend", 15 years old, red hair, brown eyes)

Dylan/Ethan (Cara's brothers, 9 years old, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes)

Bethany (Cara's sister, 13 years old, pale blonde hair, hazel eyes)

Austin (Cara's brother, almost 17 years old, brown hair, dark brown eyes)



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