True Memoirs of A Liar 2: Sacrifice
Author: C Lawson

Chapter 37
Sickening Surprise pt.1

And it was a long day. It was satisfying, actually helping the people who I’d been trying to help for half a year.  Alex was very proud of me.  I was tired.  My head throbbed. Alex told me to go lay down and to come see him the next day so that we could walk to breakfast together.  Neither one of us was afraid anymore.  I’d been through hell, and every time he saw me limp or a bandage fell off of my skin, I knew that it was almost as painful for him.

            I went to sleep, only dreaming of good things.  I had no guards stay with me that night.  I tried to believe that if Alex and I stuck together, then nothing bad would happen.  That everything would turn out okay. But I had a very bad feeling that Mr. Stone’s tests were far from over.

            I felt the entire mattress give a great shake and then it began to flop around under me repeatedly. I felt like Thumbelina rodeo-riding a fish on dry land.  My eyes flew open and at first, I couldn’t see anything because my hair was completely covering my eyes.  I growled at Lena as I caught a glimpse of her wavy hair bouncing in the air.  The jolts suddenly ceased when Lena heard my snarl.

            I sat up and glared at her. In mid-bounce, she tucked her legs underneath her and fell to the plush comforters with a soft kwish sound.  She beamed at me happily. “Lena,” I groaned as I eased myself off of the bed. “Ease off the obnoxiousness before eight A.M, yeah?” I briefly smiled inwardly, realizing that I was beginning to sound like Othello.  Lena apologized and gave me a hug. “Why are you up before me anyway?” I wondered, running my fingers through my hair.

            “Alex wanted me to tell you that he wanted to see you after breakfast.” I whirled around and smiled at her, and for a moment we just beamed at each other. “But you’ve already missed breakfast.” My hands flew to my face, my smile fleetingly escaping my lips.

            “What time is it?” I asked, rushing to the bathroom.  Of course my hair would pick today to look like absolute crap. I yanked a comb through it five hasty times and then forced a grand total of three strands of hair into a ponytail. Damn it. I gave up on the ponytail and shook out my hair around me. I felt like I was hurrying not to be late for a first date.  Why was it that Alex was the only one who could make me regress to thirteen year old antics and emotions?


            “It’s fine Lena. I don’t need to know the time, thanks.” She leaned on the door and watched me. “Want to do me a favor?”


            “Pick out my clothes for me, please?” She hurried from the doorway and I could hear the low grating hush of my drawers opening.  Quicker than should have been possible for any fourteen year old girl, Lena reappeared at the door with a pair of fade washed jeans and a pale purple t-shirt with a faded dark purple peace sign on it. I smiled.

            “You don’t think he’ll want me in something more…dressy?” Lena frowned for a moment and then shook her head definitely.

            “Nope. He told me once that you look best when you’re not dressed up.” I raised my eyebrows but didn’t say anything. I took the clothes from her and thanked her. Quickly, I changed and washed my face, brushed my teeth, and all the other girl necessities. I left Lena in my room kissing her forehead and leaving her with a secret handshake that we made up one day when it was raining about three months before.

            I left my room happy and immensely content. I shouldn’t have been surprised that everything was going to go bad.  I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear groans and heavy breathing inside Alex’s room.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that the door was unlocked.  I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.

            But I was.


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