The M.H.X. Chronicals
Author: marshalg

Chapter 10
To Work Men, to Work !!














Triple stars of morning light

Across the darkened gloomy bay,

A looming mountain to my right

Volcanic crag of yesterday.

The air is still and brittle

And a thrush is in full song

Whist nearby feathered cousins

Sing response in mellow throng.


The woodland trees stand resolute

And dark against the dawn,

Street lighting throws the roughness

Of their bark to profiles drawn.

An outraged dog is barking

In a distant, dismal way

And the dawn breaks out in radiance

To announce a working day.


Fresh oranges for breakfast

And crunchy toast with cheese,

And steaming, chocolate coffee

Warms the soul and sure to please.

Work boots over woollen socks

Rough hyglo clothing clad

Hard hat crammed atop my head

These working mornings aren't so bad!


Cycling through deserted streets

Past the estuary port,

Still waters on the Harbour

Make the streetlight glows distort.

Cycling past the coastal ships

In early morning light,

Disgorging loads of cement

To the silos on my right.


Across the busy motorway

Atop the footbridge high,

Into the Beachcroft work site

As the dawn sun breaks the sky.

Diggers, graders, rollers stand

Huge trucks hold, resolute,

Work gangs wait in scattered groups

In coat, hard hat and boot.


Engineers with plans arrive

The harried foremen organize,

And the M.H.X. Construction

Plant and labour galvanise.




Beachcroft Drainage Team

Manukau Harbour Crossing.

5 October 2009


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